Empowering Patient Health with Mectronic’s Advanced Technology


At Luna America, we focus on a single driving principle: Optimizing patient healthcare through proven non-invasive molecular biology technologies that promote healing and rehabilitation at the cellular level. Mectronic is the innovator and manufacturer of our exclusive medical device product line.


Our technology empowers the patient by expanding their current choice of treatment options necessary to address a healthcare problem. Our non-invasive treatment options proven and evidence based, now provide an alternative choice to an invasive treatment consideration.


Our minimally invasive or non-invasive FDA approved technology all of which is backed by scientific studies and years of proven patient outcomes across the globe, now available in the US for the benefit of patient and provider.  


By design, when you choose a non-invasive procedure you minimize down time, minimize treatment risk, minimize side effects, and most often achieve a desired outcome at a significantly reduced cost.


That’s why at Luna America, our mission is to empower patients by introducing evidence based technological advancements that expand patient choice and optimize patient outcomes.


Luna America, LLC – Leadership


Luna America lead by three highly experienced and sought after individuals, who are proven business development experts and offer turnkey distribution solutions to medical device manufactures for their products positioned to be professionally sold and supported in the US healthcare market.


Luna America’s distribution capabilities are contained in our historical portfolio, which demonstrates our ability to launch new entry medical device into the US medical market and through a proven buttoned-down process, market relevance and brand recognition are strategically achieved.


Luna America distribution solutions are turnkey and geared towards medical devices that contain great potential to establish significant impact into the highly competitive and regulated US healthcare market.  


Our solutions, abilities and support include the following key examples: FDA assistance, medical device importer, medical sales, medical applications, medical educators, marketing, key opinion leader relationships, database management, national media exposure, medical engineering customer service, administration, product enhancement, compliance, reporting, experience and in short: A professional self-contained medical device distribution company who contain the experience and expertise to deliver advanced distribution solutions as desired by medical device manufacture.


Gil Laureiro
Anthony (Tony) Ullo
Mark Patterson

VP Operations




Since 1982, Mectronic maintains and advances its role as a world leader in design and manufacturing of innovative medical device technology. Since 2012, Mectronic has strategically and significantly expanded its global distribution and customer installation footprint.

Mectronic’s approach to innovation is focused on optimizing the way therapy is delivered, thereby maximizing therapeutic results. The core driver of innovation is a concentrated focus placed on patient health and their associated healthcare providers to ensure optimized treatment process and patient outcome.   


In 2018, Mectronic backed by advanced technology, support capabilities and projected growth, Mectronic implemented planned strategy to identify and secure a key US distribution strategic partner.


Though hundreds of potential distributors were available for consideration and after filtering all top potential candidates, Luna America clearly identified as the Exclusive US distribution partner in 2018. Luna America executive leadership teams previous experience in the field of molecular biology, medical devices and applications along with our proven success in medical device distribution gained the day and as a result, a mutually desired strategic partnership ensued.  




Mutual Pillars of Sustainability

sustainability into our medical devices through advanced technological platforms that provide scalability, upgradeability and operational flexibility throughout their entire life cycle.
educational and customer support platforms accessible and synergistic to our valued customers, as an educational gateway to achieve operational and device utilization expertise.
with customer and healthcare providers, key opinion leaders, academia and the healthcare industry to gather solutions and operational advancements that are customer driven and customer synergistic.
our representatives, technical experts, educators and strategic partners to always beat customer expectations by under promising and over delivering. 



Together with the above Four Pillars foundationally implemented and applied by the strategic partnership of Mectronic and Luna America, sustainability is assured.


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