Doctor Tecar therapy

Doctor Tecar Therapy is an efficient partner in recovery of muscolar injuries.
Michele Locatelli,
Atalanta B.C. Physiotherapeut, Italy
Doctor Tecar therapy: testimonials
I use Doctor Tecar for Trigger Points. Therapy is painless and efficient. Moreover, it helps me in muscle activation and tension reduction. Doctor Tecar improve regeneration after effort and let my patients come back to training after injury.
Michal Kaczmarek,
Physiotherapeut, Poland
Doctor Tecar is a great therapy to solve the problems with joints and muscles. It stimulates regeneration of tissues, increase muscle strength and eliminate trigger points in really well tolerated way for the patient.
Paweł Osak, Physiotherapeut, Poland
Doctor Tecar therapy: testimonials
Doctor Tecar is the device most used during the Mutua Madrid Open and the most requested from the teams.
Physiotherapist of Mutua Madrid Open
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