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Great fun in Palermo at the European Soccer Camp, which with its tenth edition is increasingly consolidated as the summer appointment of excellence for youth football in Sicily. Mectronic could not miss at this appointment: together with Life Medica, the official distributor for Sicily, it will enter the field alongside the young athletes with Doctor Tecar, the device used also in the top flight of football championship, fruit of the technological know-how that Mectronic has increased in over 30 years of work and which today represents the reference point of TECAR therapy.
“Trauma season”, according to the experts the summer is the season of accidents: here is the vademecum to prevent and treat them
Stay constantly hydrated, wear appropriate sports equipment, follow an adequate physical preparation and observe a balanced diet. These are some of the advice of the experts to avoid the most common summer injuries that during the "trauma season" affect 300 thousand Italians, so nicknamed because according to US statistics they increase among adults by 30% and by 100% among boys. 
Mectronic and F.I.N.P. together for Sport
Sport and disability, the partnership between Mectronic and the “Federazione Italiana Nuoto Paralimpico” starts now.
Basketball, 5 players out of 10 have injuries at the achilles tendon: here are the recommendations of the experts for preventing and curing them
Choose the right sports shoes, perform stretching exercises before workouts and strengthen the calf muscles. These are some of the advice of the experts to prevent Achilles tendon injuries, a very frequent physical problem in the world of basketball and affecting over 45% of players. Among the recommendations in the event of an accident there is also that of relying on new laser technologies.
The Decalogue of the Cyclist, the experts' tips to prevent and treat the most frequent accidents
Undergo a careful physiotherapy evaluation, equip yourself with the right sports equipment and know your limits. On the occasion of the famous "Giro d'Italia" race, these are some of the tips provided by the experts to avoid unpleasant injuries and inflammatory diseases related to the world of cycling. Among the recommendations, there is also to rely on new laser technologies such as Theal Therapy, useful to guarantee faster recovery. [...]
Not only the tennis elbow, here are the experts’ 10 tips to prevent and cure the most frequent tennis players' accidents
The athletes holding the racket are constantly increasing, the trend saw tennis player grow by 150% since 2001 and captivated also Italian and international stars. However, there are numerous dangers for the body that can be encountered on the tennis court: on the occasion of the “Internazionali d’Italia” tournament, here is the decalogue of experts to prevent damages and fastly recover from injuries. [...]
In Italy there are over 60 million pets. To treat them more effectively, the Laser Therapy, a technology that will grow by $ 929.39 million by 2025, comes to the rescue of veterinarians. To embrace this trend in Italy, Mectronic has thought of making revolutionary products that use laser, tecar and shock waves: Doctor Tecar Vet, iLux Light Vet and PulsWave Vet
"The worldwide medical devices market will reach the value of almost 2 billion dollars by 2022, with an annual growth of 9.2% only in the USA. The protagonist of the trend is Mectronic, an Italian company leader in the production of medical devices for rehabilitation purpose, which aims to expand in this sector after obtaining the certification of the Food and Drug Administration for Tecar devices." [...] 
Winter Health and Sport, the Vademecum to Prevent and Cure Frequent Accidents on Snow
"Pay attention to weather conditions, train to improve physical condition and equip yourself with the right equipment. These are some of the advice provided by the experts to avoid unpleasant injuries related to winter sports, that affect more than 30 thousand Italians each year. Among the recommendations, there is also that of relying on new laser technologies such as Theal Therapy, useful to guarantee faster healing." [...]
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