Mectronic scientific research

Short term efficacy of capacitive-resistive diathermy therapy in patients with low back pain: a prospective randomized controlled trial.

Notarnicola A., Maccagnano G., Gallone MF, Covelli I., Tafuri S., Moretti B.
Epub 2017 Apr-Jun
Laserterapia fisioterapia
Laserterapia fisioterapia

Short-term effect of shockwave therapy, temperature controlled high energy adjustable multi-mode emission laser or stretching in Dupuytren’s disease: a prospective randomized clinical trial.

Notarnicola A, Maccagnano G, Rifino F., Pesce V., Gallone MF, Covelli I., Moretti B.
Epub 2017 Jul-Sep

"Tri-length laser therapy associated to tecar therapy in the treatment of low-back pain in adults: a preliminary report of a prospective case series"

Osti R, Pari C, Salvatori G, Massari L.
Epub 2014 Nov 7
Laser therapy physiotherapy
Laser therapy physiotherapy

"CHELT therapy in the treatment of chronic insertional Achilles tendinopathy"

Notarnicola A, Maccagnano G, Tafuri S, Forcignanò MI, Panella A, Moretti B.
Epub 2013 Dec 19

"Effects of radial shock waves therapy on osteoblasts activities"

Notarnicola A, Tamma R, Moretti L, Fiore A, Vicenti G, Zallone A, Moretti B.
Epub 2012 Jul 27
Laser therapy physiotherapy
Laser therapy physiotherapy

"Pain and electrophysiological parameters are improved by combined 830-1064 high-intensity LASER in symptomatic carpal tunnel syndrome versus Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation"

Casale R, Damiani C, Maestri R, Wells CD.
Epub 2012 Jul 20

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Laser therapy physiotherapy


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