2019 a year to remember for Mectronic

2019 is about to end, a year full of innovations and that has brought great satisfaction, in which new successful sports partnerships have been consolidated and undertaken.

LUBE Volley and Mectronic
Already champion of Italy and of Europe De Giorgi's team beats Sada
Cruzeiro in the final and also wins the Club World Cup.
Mectronic concluded another year full of positive results. These include the renewal of consolidated partnerships with prestigious companies, such as AC Milan, which celebrated its 120th anniversary this year in December. Another important mention is for Atalanta B.C, the home team that for the first time in its history enters the knockout rounds of the Champions League, and the reconfirmation of the historical partnership with the Albinoleffe, the soccer team which plays in the C series.

In addition to these realities in the soccer scene, Mectronic started a prestigious collaboration with the LUBE Volley, a great team which won everything that could be won in men's volleyball: they are Italian champions, European champions in charge and on December 2019 they won the World Champions to the FIVB. The historical partnership with the renowned Volley Bergamo team was also confirmed: the female volleyball team from Bergamo is rapidly climbing the rankings after a difficult start of the championship.
FINP and Mectronic at London 2019
Great year for FINP who wins the World Para Swimming Championships .


Also noteworthy are the partnerships signed with Fortitudo Bologna, a proud and historical team that plays in the top flight of Italian Basketball championship, and the one with the Hockey Club Bolzano, the most successful Italian ice hockey team, which from the 2013/14 season plays in the Central European championship called "Erste Bank Eishockey Liga", winning already from the debut season.


Mectronic did not stop: wanting to cover increasingly different sports series, the collaborations with the Fiamme Oro Rugby of the State Police and with the Italian Rowing Federation (F.I.C.) started. Also very important is the partnership signed with the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation (F.I.N.P.), which won the 2019 World Championships in London.



A great highlight was the participation to congresses and international exhibitions, amongst them distinguishes the Medica fair in Dusseldorf , where Mectronic brought its elective methodics: CHELT Therapy, THEAL Therapy, Doctor Tecar Therapy, MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy and shockwave therapy. The Medica fair was chosen by Mectronic as an international showcase to announce its new product lines, result of over 35 years of continuous research and innovation:

New Mectronic's devices at Medica2019
The new devices presented at MEDICA2019
- iLux Light PLUS, the latest evolution in the field of MultiMode HEL laser therapy.
The great potential guaranteed by this new device, the greater range of powers, the possibility of mixing up to 3 wavelengths and the wide selection of applicators, make it the best ally in laser therapy.
- Doctor Tecar PLUS, the new frontier of Tecar Therapy. Thanks to the wider range of powers and frequencies, it allows to transfer the correct quantity of energy in the desired tissue. Thanks to this mechanism, patients experience immediate relief from pain, reduced edema, muscle relaxation, healing and tissue regeneration.
- Pulswave PLUS, the device that takes shock wave therapy to a higher level. Thanks to new features and better management of the therapy, the operator can maximize the therapeutic effects.
Mectronic present at the 2019 International Medical Exhibition in Germany
Detail of the Mectronic's stand at the MEDICA2019 trade fair
- SMART line: iLux SMART and Doctor Tecar SMART:
With the SMART line Mectronic has created a new range of products  more compact and easier to use, able to offer an effective therapy for every need.
The SMART line is the perfect solution for the therapist looking for a laser or tecar device with reduced dimensions, without however renouncing to the excellent performance and ease of use that characterize the Mectronic devices.
- CHELT Therapy, the innovative synergy between cryotherapy, with dry cold air at -30° C with thermal control, and THEAL Therapy, which maximizes therapeutic results in both acute and chronic phases.
- New design for iLux XP.
iLux XP, the revolutionary device for THEAL Therapy, presented in a new look with a larger display screen and with a revised and enhanced interface.
- Doctor Tecar XP, the new device for Tecar Therapy that not only provides high power energy, but also allows energy to be transferred with extremely low power and with an extremely vast range of frequencies. Moreover, thanks to thermal control, it allows to maximise the therapeutic effects both in acute and chronic phases.
Mectronic, world leader in laser technology for rehabilitation, has been a partner of Atalanta BC since 2016
A weekend of physiotherapy promoted from the team Atalanta BC.
2019 will be remembered for the training events, another clear trademark of the Italian company: in collaboration with the medical staff of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, Mectronic has given rise to the 20th edition of Atalanta Sport & Medicine Training Project, culminating in the event on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March 2019 at the Bortolotti Sports Center, headquarters of the Atalanta BC. The event saw the participation of the most important physiotherapy experts at European level of teams such as Barcelona, Monaco FC, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, aiming to provide a complete overview of the management of muscle injuries in professional athletes and on the treatment of the most frequent injuries in various areas of sport.
Mectronic with the Italian Rowing Federation at Fisiomeeting 2019
The Mectronic's team with the F.I.C. at Fisiomeeting2019
The 5th and 6th of October was the turn of Fisiomeeting2019, the event par excellence of physiotherapy in which Mectronic participated with great enthusiasm. Fisiomeeting took place at the Coni Olympic Training Center in Rome, enjoying great success both in terms of audience and appreciation, and once again focusing on "competitive sport as a perfect expression of human motor potential and an excellent realization of the synergy of methods and professional figures ". To all this we can add the dozens of courses and workshops that Mectronic held throughout Italy and abroad during the year.
Mectronic augura buon Natale e buon 2020
The new year will not be outdone: Mectronic is already at work for the news of 2020. Continue to follow us to discover them!
Mectronic Staff wishes all its customers, suppliers, friends and collaborators a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We inform you that the company will be closed for the Christmas holidays from December 21nd to January 6th.
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