Perform precise dynamometric tests and muscle assessments, be scrupulously followed by professionals doctors and physiotherapists, perform exercises in a cautious way without fatigue and resort to laser therapy. These are some of the experts' tips to best guarantee post Covid-19 rehabilitation, key to tackling motor and respiratory recovery after a prolonged bedtime: recommendations that can be useful to over 80% of the 2000 Italian patients who ended up in intensive care.

rheab post covid-19
The Coronavirus emergency forced the main Italian and worldwide healthcare facilities to increase places in intensive care, facing alarming data: according to the latest Civil Protection bulletin, in Italy more than 2000 patients presented with muscle and respiratory problems and over 80% of these had to resort to intubation. A negative scenario also recorded abroad: just think that according to research by the National Health Association, New York hospitals had to double the ICU beds in just one week, going from 1600 to almost 4000. For this reason, according to experts, a valuable help comes from post Covid rehabilitation which, supervised by medical staff trained in the outpatient clinic, represents the key to face the motor and respiratory recovery after a long period of bedtime. But what are the recommendations to follow? Carrying out precise dynamometric tests and muscle assessments, undergoing periodic checks and carefully exercising without causing fatigue help to speed up the rehabilitation process. But that's not all, because valuable help also comes from Theal Therapy laser technology, developped by the Italian company Mectronic.


"The long periods of loosening of the patients finished in intensive care represent one of the main problems to be faced in the post epidemic and with which we came into contact in first person - explained dr. Ingmar Angeletti, physiotherapist at the Rhiabilita Medical Center in Alzano Lombardo (BG) - Patients must recover as quickly as possible in the motor field to cope with muscle and respiratory decay. For this reason, I recommend carrying out precise dynanometric evaluations, isokinetic tests and control of muscle-tendon retractions as well as being followed carefully by professionals doctors and physiotherapists. Doing exercises at home, without causing fatigue, can be fine but only if recommended by expert specialists. Finally, a great help also comes from laser therapy and in particular from Theal Therapy which, thanks to the process of regenerative photobiomodulation, promotes recovery from skin lesions and underlying tissues, unfortunately common among those who had to fight Covid. And to adapt to the rules of social distancing, the ScanX mode with thermal control of Theal Therapy is also useful which, thanks to patented magnetic bells, can be used as an independent laser operator, changing modes with a simple command and ensuring flexibility, practicality and high performance therapeutic. "



theal therapy
But what are the most common problems affecting ICU patients? 
According to an American research published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Science Daily, the loss of smell and taste is the first place that causes 65% of patients a state of confusion and a sense of disorientation. Following are the pressure lesions affecting the skin and underlying tissues, due to the pressure exerted by the intubations, such as the nose, forehead and sacral areas, and the deficit of the peripheral and central nervous system. The survivors of the infection also show signs of asthenia, musculoskeletal problems and signs of neuropsychological disorder. For this reason, a careful and gradual rehabilitation process that can allow full functional recovery becomes fundamental.
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