Laser Therapy promotes better oxygenation of tissues and related organs, reduces the influx of neutrophils and cases of pulmonary edema. These are some of the beneficial effects deriving from the aid of laser therapy in the prevention and recovery from lung inflammation due to Covid, which is constantly increasing globally. In fact, international research has shown that, only considering this year, they have increased by 80% compared to 2019.



THEAL per il recupero polmonare
Long bed rest periods for ICU patients represent one of the main problems
to be addressed in the post epidemic
The health emergency linked to Covid has once again put the spotlight on lung infections, one of the most frequent diseases caused by the grafting of viruses and bacteria, capable of causing often permanent damage to the respiratory tract. An alarming scenario magnified by the epidemic in progress: just think that according to a recent research by Columbia Asia Hospital published in The Hindu, cases of acute pneumonia due to Covid have increased by 80% compared to last year. A picture shared also in Italy where, according to a report by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità which investigated over 5,000 deaths related to Covid, it was found that 80.5% of the total had symptoms of lung infections. But what can be, according to the experts, a valid remedy in the rehabilitation of pneumonia? A recent survey conducted by researchers Michael R. Hamblin, Principal Investigator at Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Reza Fekrazad, head of the Lasers Research Center in Medical Sciences at AJA University of Medical Science in Theran, published in the National Library of Medicine , highlighted how the photobiomodulation produced by laser therapy, in particular the wavelengths in the range 650nm - 830nm with continuous emission, generates optimal effects on the recovery from lung infections and is a possible solution to prevent them. The benefits induced by laser therapy include the reduction of pulmonary edema and the influx of neutrophils, tissue regeneration and better oxygenation for all related organs.



Covid19 danni polmonari
Coronavirus lung infection can leave a chronic legacy of respiratory function

The scientific evidence cited in the article confirmed the effectiveness of the modulation effects of the inflammatory and biostimulation response on behalf of laser therapy - explained Dr. Ingmar Angeletti, physiotherapist at the Rhiabilita Medical Center of Alzano Lombardo (BG) - In particular, it has become fundamental in some of our patients with post Covid neuritis and lesions of the SPE (popliteal sciatic external) following traumatic stress during the bed rest phases in intensive care units. They were treated with Theal Therapy and with the two wavelengths mentioned, with stochastic and anti-inflammatory modalities, using a 36-degree thermal control and obtaining significant reductions in neuropathic pain. I also hope, considering the recent research published in the National Library of Medicine, that Theal Therapy can become the operating standard of hospital protocols for modulating the inflammatory response.


But lung inflammation is not the only problem most common among Covid patients who end up in intensive care. According to an American research published by the World Health Organization in Science Daily, the first place is the loss of smell and taste, which causes confusion and a sense of disorientation in 65% of patients. This is followed by pressure lesions affecting the skin and underlying tissues, due to pressure exerted by intubations, such as the nose, forehead and sacral areas, and the deficit of the peripheral and central nervous system. The "recovered" also show signs of asthenia, musculoskeletal problems and symptoms of neuropsychological disorder. For this reason, a careful and gradual rehabilitation process that can allow full functional recovery becomes fundamental.





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