KFDA Certified Quality

Mectronic gets KFDA Certification for South Korea

Located in one of the most dynamic economic areas in the world and home to electronics and communications giants, South Korea is a technologically advanced country, with a continuously developing market and a 2.7% growth rate for the year just concluded (source: Bank of Korea).


It is therefore a great satisfaction for Mectronic Medicale to have satisfied all the required quality parameters and to have passed all the complex technical tests, obtaining the prestigious KFDA Certification, which allows the company to enter in the market of the fourth economic power of Asia and one of the internationally recognized countries as the most advanced and dynamic in the medical sector.


Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic Medicale, comments:

“All Mectronic devices are the result of years of constant research and great dedication by an expert team, guided by precise and ambitious objectives: the KFDA certification that the Korean government agency has recognized to us, confirms once again the attention that Mectronic dedicates to achieving quality standards of excellence, investing energy and passion for over 30 years.

This authoritative and universally valid recognition for our work is a great pride for us and a fundamental step for the development of the Mectronic brand in South Korea."


The "Made in Italy" high quality has positively impressed also the specialists of the main clinics of South Korea, with whom Mectronic had the pleasure to undertake training courses in the month of December 2018.

The MultiMode HEL Therapy and Theal Therapy, unconditional protagonists of the Mectronic training courses week in South Korea, have been particularly appreciated for the incredible results obtained already in the first session, as well as for their simplicity of use and for the numerous applicative possibilities.


Mectronic: light years ahead.

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