Made in Italy, the revolutionary laser patented by Mectronic wins the prestigious "German Design Award" 2019

iLux XP, the revolutionary laser made in Italy patented by Mectronic to treat musculoskeletal diseases, was awarded by the jury of the "German Design Awards" as the best modular device in the "Medicine, rehabilitation and health care" section. The award ceremony will take place on February 8th 2019 in Frankfurt.

Attractive design combined with a practical and intuitive interface. These are the features that have led iLux XP, a device made in Italy patented by Mectronic in order to carry out treatments of THEAL Therapy, to win the coveted German Design Awards 2019, one of the most accredited awards in the sector at a global level. The important German association German Design Council, which has over 60 years of history, annually awards not only the most original products of contemporary design, but above all projects with a high innovative content, capable of translating into representative and iconic models. iLux XP was chosen by a special jury of experts as the winner in the "Medicine, rehabilitation and health care" category. The award ceremony will take place on 8 February 2019 in Germany, in Frankfurt.

"We are proud of the fact that iLux XP has been awarded by a prestigious association in the international design scene. Point of arrival after years of research and innovation, our device represents the latest evolution of phototherapy and laser therapy - explained Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic - Theal Therapy, besides taking care of the strongest champions of the world, is the laser therapy for everyone. It is in fact successfully used in various areas of completion: from the treatment of an athlete's pathologies such as tendinitis and muscle injuries, to the treatment of pain of a patient with an amputated lower limb; from the treatment of cutaneous and diabetic ulcers to the conservative treatment of the pathologies of the spine, such as hernias, lumbosciatalgie and radicolopatie ".

iLux XP is the result of a journey started over 30 years ago with the design of the world's first high-power laser for rehabilitation and culminated after 15 years of constant scientific and technological research with the definition of this method characterized by 7 distinct patents . The device is made up of specific therapeutic protocols to obtain the 5 main effects of THEAL therapy: Biostimulant, Antalgic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-edema and Decontracting. By selecting each mode, iLux XP guides the operator in setting the treatment most suited to achieving the chosen effect. You can create customized protocols in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to the help of an editor that defines all the parameters of the therapy. The protocols are easily customizable through the innovative and practical graphical interface, which allows you to simultaneously monitor the values ​​of all phases and change them as needed.
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