Mectronic's training program reaches the Far East

THEAL Therapy conquers the South Korean market

The week from December 3rd to 7th saw the involvement of Dr. FT Vincenzo Morana, Mectronic medical specialist, and Dr. Eng. Ennio Aloisini, Mectronic CEO, together with the Mectronic exclusive distributor for the South Korean market, Lisquare, in a series of training courses at the main clinics throughout South Korea .
The HEL Multi-Mode laser therapy and THEAL Therapy have been absolute protagonists of the training both through theoretical explanations and through practical demonstrations.
Doctors and patients were surprised both by the simplicity of use and by the incredible results obtained with Mectronic technologies already in the first session.
"We have always considered training a fundamental step in the process that leads to the treatment of a patient with our devices - explains Ennio Aloisini, CEO and speaker of the courses held in South Korea - THEAL Therapy represents an absolute innovation in the field of laser therapy, so we are proud to have been able to present Mectronic's patented methodologies to many experts of the sector present during our training courses, which have been surprised by the numerous applicative possibilities. With THEAL Therapy is indeed possible to treat innumerable pathologies, ranging from the treatment of the pathologies of an athlete such as tendinitis and muscular lesions, to treat the pain of a lower limb amputee patient; from the treatment of cutaneous and diabetic ulcers to the conservative treatment of the pathologies of the spine, such as hernias, lumbosciatica and radiculopathy. This week dedicate to the training activity is the first step for the development of our brand and our methodics in South Korea."
Mectronic would like to thank all the attendants of the courses for their interest and would like to thank Lisquare, Mectronic exclusive distributor in the South Korean medical market.
Mectronic: sharing knowledge our passion.
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