Mectronic and F.I.N.P. together for Sport

sport and disability, the partnership between Mectronic and the “Federazione Italiana Nuoto Paralimpico” starts now

The Bergamo company, leader in laser technology at the service of rehabilitation, has signed an important collaboration with the FINP (Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation), active since 2010 in the management of one of the leading disciplines of the sports movement for the disabled. The stepping stone of this collaboration will be the Paralympic Swimming World Championships, scheduled in London from 9 to 15 September.


Federazione Italiana Nuoto Paralimpico
European Championships  2018  - Credit  Augusto Bizzi

Strengthen the state of physical and athletic preparation of Paralympic swimmers with the help of the most advanced technologies in the field of medicine and physiotherapy. This was the goal that prompted Mectronic, a leading company in laser technology for rehabilitation, to forge a partnership with the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation (FINP), established on September 25, 2010 to meet the need to managing and organizing the development of one of the leading sports movement disciplines for the disabled, both in terms of members and in the wake of  all the medals won internationally. Mectronic will provide the FINP medical staff with Theal Therapy, the made-in-Italy laser therapy that has been a cutting edge tool for years, as well as a true curative methodology for samples for everyone. Already present at the first Paralympic Games in history, those of Rome '60, Paralympic swimming has always succeeded in the goal of creating the right generational change, ensuring the present and future of the sport. FINP, which today boasts 150 affiliated companies and 900 athletes, has successfully participated in the London 2012 Paralympic Games, winning 9 medals and taking home 13 medals at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympics. Excellent results achieved at the World Championships in Mexico City in 2017, where he won 38 medals, and at the European Championships in Dublin 2018 where the loot was composed of as many as 74 medals.



"This partnership is born from the need to combine the strength of our athletes with the professionalism of a company well known in the world of rehabilitation, namely Mectronic. It is an important synergy that aims to strengthen even more the state of physical and athletic preparation of our Top Level – explained Roberto Valori, president of the Federazione Italiana Nuoto Paralimpico - We decided to rely on Mectronic because we focus on quality, responsibility and attention to the customer, the primary characteristics of their modus operandi. The stepping stone for this important collaboration will be the World Paralympic Swimming Championships scheduled in London from 9 to 15 September".



FINP e Mectronic
Credit Augusto Bizzi



"We are proud to provide our laser technology, the culmination of years of research and innovation, to the medical staff of such an important reality at national level - explained Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic - Theal Therapy, in addition to treating the most strong champions of the world sports panorama, is the laser therapy for everyone. In fact, it is successfully used in completely different fields: from the treatment of the pathologies of an athlete such as tendinitis and muscle injuries, to the treatment of the pain of a lower limb amputee patient; from the treatment of cutaneous and diabetic ulcers to the conservative treatment of pathologies of the spine, such as hernias, lumbosciatic pains and radiculopathies ”.



Federazione Italiana Nuoto Paralimpico
Credit Augusto Bizzi


But that's not all, because in addition to Theal Therapy Mectronic will also provide the Doctor Tecar, a therapy that stimulates the body's natural regenerative and self-healing processes, to the medical staff of the Federazione Italiana Nuoto Paralimpico. In "naturally thermal" mode, both continuous and pulsed, it promotes immediate pain relief, acts on the free nerve endings by rebalancing the membrane potentials of the nociceptors and promotes the blockage of the pain sensation by releasing endorphins. Both therapies will allow the Paralympic swimmers to quickly recover the optimal conditions for the continuation of their competitive activity and remain at the top of physical fitness.


FINP - Mectronic Fisioterapista



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