Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Mectronic

What's happened in the 2018 signed by Mectronic

2018 is about to end, a year of hard work, which has brought great satisfactions and successes.
In 2018 some successful sport partnerships were consolidated, such as those with AC Milan and Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio and new partnerships with international partners were signed.
Mectronic concludes a year full of positive results and attendance at international congresses and fairs, among which stands out the participation in the Dusseldorf Medical Fair, where Mectronic presented its elective methods: THEAL Therapy, Doctor Tecar Therapy, Multi-Mode HEL Laser Therapy and PulsWave shockwave therapy with 5 million guaranteed hits. The Medica fair was chosen by Mectronic as an international showcase to announce two innovative devices: Doctor Tecar XP, the most advanced device in the world for tecar therapy and CHELT Therapy, the revolutionary synergy between Theal laser therapy and Dry Cryotherapy with air at -30 ° C.
Atalanta Training
For Mectronic, training is extremely important and in the course of 2018, in addition to organizing many workshops and training events in Italy and abroad, the orobic company, in collaboration with the health staff of Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, created the ProgettoFormazione Sport&Medicine AtalantaMectronic, culminating in the event of Sunday, March 25 which was attended by internationally renowned speakers such as: Ramon Cugat, Peter Brucker and Gian Nicola Bisciotti.
Caldara, THEAL Therapy
2018 will be remembered, above all, as the year of the consecration of THEAL Therapy, the innovative phototherapy based on an advanced laser technology, patented by Mectronic, which thanks to the excellent therapeutic results and its unique ability to interact with biological tissues, corroborated by numerous scientific research, it has won over patients, operators in the sector and also the attention of the media. In particular, the media had the opportunity to discover Theal Therapy in an event dedicated to them at Casa Milan, the famous and futuristic club's headquarters, where the Milan medical staff and some famous specialists presented this innovative therapy to the press: Theal Experience , therapy of the champion for everyone. The conference ended with the intervention of the expected guest of honor, the Rossoneri's Flag, Franco Baresi.
In 2018 Theal Therapy was the protagonist of many training courses and events that allowed many specialists to appreciate the incredible technological and methodological innovations of this unique and patented therapy. Among these events definitely stand out the Theal Therapy course in Castel Volturno with the participation of the Napoli Calcio medical staff.
Theal Therapy and the device to implement it, iLux XP, have not only been greatly appreciated in 2018 by many specialists of the sector, both in Italy and abroad, but have also won the German Design Council, which has awarded iLux XP with the German Design Award as the best device in the "Medicine, rehabilitation and health care" section.
Theal Therapy has also been at the center of numerous scientific researches and clinical reports that have shown how much Theal Therapy performs in the treatment of numerous diseases. In particular, in 2018 a scientific article was published that demonstrates the efficacy of Theal Therapy in the conservative treatment of the pathologies of the spine: hernias, radiculopathies and nerve inflammations.
Theal Therapy has also shown its effectiveness in the treatment of skin ulcers, allowing to reduce pain and speed up tissue regeneration.
The new year will not be outdone: Mectronic is already at work for the news of 2019. Continue to follow us to discover them!
Mectronic Staff wishes all its customers, suppliers, friends and collaborators a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We inform you that the company will be closed for the Christmas holidays from December 22nd to January 6th.
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