Sport and health, Zingonia hosted a weekend dedicated to physiotherapy with the conference organized by Atalanta in collaboration with Mectronic and Habilita

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March the Bortolotti Sports Center, headquarters of the Atalanta BC, will be the scene of the twentieth edition of the "Sport & Medicine Training Project" with the participation of the most important physiotherapy experts of teams at European level such as Barcelona, Monaco FC , Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. The conference is organized by Atalanta in collaboration with Habilita and Mectronic, world leader in laser technology for injury rehabilitation

ATALANTA BC - fisioterapisti

Provide a complete overview on the management of muscle injuries in professional athletes and on the treatment of the most frequent injuries in various sports areas. This is the main objective of the event "The management of the high level healthy and injured professional athlete", scheduled for Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March at the Bortolotti Sports Center of Zingonia in Ciserano, headquarters of Atalanta BC. A weekend devoted to physiotherapy promoted by the Nerazzurri Society, in the figure of Dr. Marco Bruzzone and his collaborators, in synergy with Habilita and Mectronic, a company based in Grassobbio (BG), the world leader in laser for rehabilitation made in Italy. The conference is part of the twentieth edition of the Atalanta Sport & Medicine Training Project, an innovative training platform created with the aim of promoting the culture of physiotherapy and rehabilitation by organizing high-level professional courses, reserved for sector specialists who want to to keep up with the most advanced methodologies and technologies. On Saturday morning there will be a physiotherapy course with the aid of an ultrasound scanner and a manual ultrasound scanner, while in the afternoon the Atalanta-Mectronic-Habilita Laboratory will take place in which the partners and some speakers will be protagonists with a series of workshops including the one dedicated to Theal Therapy, the modulated and thermo-controlled energy laser therapy also used by the medical staff of the Nerazzurri team in Bergamo. The Atalanta BC conference will be held instead on Sunday and will be open to all members.



“Our challenge is the same long since, – dichiara Marco Bruzzone, Responsabile scientifico del Convegno e medico sociale Atalanta B.C. –that is to transmit the importance of staff work , of communication and of the passion for this work which is the basis of everything”.


“The meetings scheduled on Saturday and Sunday represent an important opportunity for the sector's specialists to learn about the most up-to-date and efficient methods for recovering athletes - explains Eng. Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic - Thanks to the renewed collaboration with the medical staff of the Atalanta BC and in the presence of the most authoritative experts in physiotherapy at the international level, we will provide a complete picture of the most common injuries in the various sports and care areas with the aid of of modern technologies. Our challenge is the same long since, that is to transmit the importance of staff work , of communication and of the passion for this sector which is the basis of everything”.


During the two days will be treated innovative and fundamental topics related to rehabilitation therapies such as physiotherapy and knee surgery with dr. Albert Badosa, physiotherapist of the Hospital Quiron Barcelona, the management of the football player with post-scarification of the patellar tendon with the dr. Dario Donato, Health Director of Hellas Verona, and the treatment of the tendon adductory injury with dr. Cristiano Eirale, coordinator of the health services of Paris Saint-Germain. Ample space will also be given to the use of THEAL Therapy (Temperature controlled High Energy Adjustable multi-mode emission Laser) which, thanks to its ability to modulate the laser energy, optimizing the results and maximizing the therapeutic effects, has for years been a great ally of Atalanta BC medical staff. In fact, thanks to the possibility of customizing the therapy, based on the patient and the state of the pathology to be treated, using different specific applicators, Theal Therapy is the perfect methodic in sports for the treatment and prevention of injuries that affect professional athletes. The names of moderators are also prestigious: the conference will be attended by dr. Franco Combi, Sassuolo Calcio health manager, Maurizia Cacciatori, former captain of the Italian Volleyball team and sports consultant, Gianluca Di Marzio, Sky Sport journalist, dr. Rudy Tavana, health manager of Torino FC and Dr. Domitilla Zolezzi, head of the Genoa-based fisiokinesiterapico study Riattiva.

Progetto Formazione Sport & Medicine 
“Sport & Medicine Training Project” 

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