Promotes better oxygenation of tissues and related organs, reduces the influx of neutrophils and cases of pulmonary edema.

trattamento con THEAL therapy di paziente post COVID-19

These are some of the beneficial effects deriving from the aid of laser therapy in the prevention and recovery from lung inflammation due to Covid, which is constantly increasing globally.  In fact, international research has shown that only in 2020 these increased by 80% compared to 2019*. 

A recent clinical study by the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo ** evaluated and followed for 6 months (from May to October 2020) 1,562 patients who fell ill between February and August 2020, during the first epidemic wave. This study highlights the repercussions of the virus on the body: one in two patients recovered from Covid-19 still has symptoms such as fatigue, exertional dyspnea and palpitations.


The National Library of Medicine published a recent study conducted by researchers Michael R. Hamblin (Principal Investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine of Massachusetts General Hospital) and Reza Fekrazad*** (head of the Lasers Research Center in Medical Sciences at AJA University of Medical Science in Theran). The two researchers highlighted how the photobiomodulation produced by laser therapy, especially the wavelengths in the 650mm - 830mm continuous emission range, generates optimal effects on recovery from lung infections and is a possible solution to prevent them.

Controllo termico dei tessuti con THEAL Therapy
With THEAL Therapy (Temperature controlled High Energy Adjustable multi-mode emission Laser) it is possible to further expand the application methods of phototherapy and laser therapy: high intensity laser emission with a mix of 3, 4, 6 and 8 adjustable wavelengths it is modulated by associating emission modes that,  if necessary, can be different for each wavelength and its therapeutic performance is maximized thanks to the advanced thermal control system of the tissues, designed and patented by Mectronic, which allows treatments to be carried out at the internal specific thermal thresholds. In this way, recovery from skin and tissue lesions is accelerated, thus favoring a careful "post Covid-19" rehabilitation process.
Trattamento THEAL Therapy
Especially in rehabilitation following Covid-19 infection, wavelengths in the 650nm-830nm range with continuous emission have proved to be very effective, as they generate optimal effects on recovery from pulmonary infections, reducing pulmonary edema and influx of neutrophils and promoting tissue regeneration as well as better oxygenation for all related organs. This makes Theal Therapy an essential tool, which could become the operational standard of hospital protocols for the modulation of the inflammatory response.
* "Probable positive effects of the photobiomodulation as an adjunctive treatment in COVID-19: A systematic review" published in the National Library of MedicineUniversity Press 

* * “Surviving COVID-19 in Bergamo Province: a post-acute outpatient re-evaluation” pubblicato dalla Cambridge University Press

* * * “ "The Potential Role of Photobiomodulation in Long COVID-19 Patients Rehabilitation"  Reza Fekrazad and Sepehr Fekrazad - Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Trattamento automatico con ScanX



THEAL Therapy also allows you to work in total safety thanks to the automatic ScanX mode, able to limit the operator's exposure to the risk of biological agents, ensuring the correct safety distances between therapist and patient.


  • Integrated patient safety system 
  • Patented advanced tissue thermal control system 
  • Flexibility, handiness and high therapeutic performance 
  • Patented magnetic cones
  • Greater safety for you and your patients
  • Perfect synergy between manual application therapies and automatic applications in the treatment protocol

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