THEAL Therapy the therapy of champions for all presented at Casa Milan

On Tuesday 29 May, Casa Milan, the famous and futuristic headquarters of the red black club, has hosted over 50 journalists for an unmissable media event entitled: “THEAL Experience: the therapy of champions for all”.

During the event it has been shown the revolutionary THEAL Therapy, the unique and innovative therapy, based on an advanced laser technology that allows to maximize the therapeutic effects in total safety, inducing, since the first session, an intense decrease of the pain and a recover of the mobility. Thank to THEAL Therapy, the therapies of the football champions are finally disposal for everyone: from the recovery in record time of the athlets, to the therapy of the edemas, muscular lesions and acute pathologies, till the ulcers, wounds and hernias. The partecipants have been hosted in the Press Room where there was the conference “The revolution of THEAL Therapy”, with: Eng. Ennio Aloisini, AD of Mectronic Medicale; Dr. Roberto Casale, Responsible of Scientific Research of Habilita group; Dr. Stefano Mazzoni, Doctor of AC Milan, and Dr. FT Marco Chaulan, Physiotherapist of AC Milan; Dr. Jhonny Casagrande, Neurosurgeon of Circolo Hospital of Varese. All the speakers and the experts have explained how THEAL Therapy is a real revolution in the medicine and physiotherapy sector, able to accelerate the physical recovery treating numerous pathologies that hit millions persons every years, in Italy and in the world. The conference ended with the waited special guest, the red black Flag, Franco Baresi.

After the conference, the journalists have been brought for a guide tour into the Milan world museum, a museum dedicated to the history of the famous red black team.

At the end of the tour, the partecipants has been hosted from Dr. FT Vincenzo Morana, Mectronic Specialist, available to show the treatments on real pathologies with THEAL Therapy, showing the efficacy and the speed of action of this innovative technology.


Mectronic thank to AC Milan, all the Speakers, the collaborators and the journalists that have partecipated at this event, certainly memorable.


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