Under this sun it is fine to pedal...but pay attention to the traumas

An efficient help to not ruin the holiday arrives from lasertherapy

Sport also under the summer sun but adopt the correct precautions.
From the running on the beach to the trekking in the mountain, the risk of traumas and contusions during physical activity is close. Mectronic presents the solution to contrast the injuries and go back soon to enjoy the summer.
The sport activity is a cure-all for every season, but during the summer months we really want to get exercise and go out. There is the desire to be in shape or simply share a funny moment with friends, but there is also the typical inexperience of who practice physical activity occasionally or only during the nice season.
What about the result?
An elevated risk to incur traumas and injuries that could ask long time for the recovery ruining the waited summer holidays.

If it is true that every sport hides a danger, Mectronic, worldwide leader for rehabilitation laser Made in Italy, presents the solution for every unexpected: THEAL Therapy, Temperature controlled High Energy Adjustable multi-mode emission Laser, the high intensity lasertherapy with modulated energy and thermal control to speed up the recovery time during the rehabilitation process.
“During the practice of not competitive sports and without workout, the muscular lesions are very frequents - Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic, explains - In these cases, after the check of the injury degree, it is possible to use THEAL Therapy to drain the potential edema and start the photobiomodulation process for the tissue regeneration, the strenght recovery and elasticity. In the acute phase the thermal control and the four wavelenghts allow to dose the energy in optimal way to maximize the therapeutic results”.
For the sea lovers, the run on the beach can be a good training to strengthen the musculature of foot and legs, but for the improvised athletes can be a great risk for the joints of foot, ankle and knee.
The beach volley and beach soccer matches with friends are fundamental, but pay attention. They can cause the lesion of anterior cruciate of the knee and the fracture of the tibia plate.
Lastly, for the swim passionates, the traumas most frequents are the lesions and the sub dislocation of the cuff shoulder.
In these cases, THEAL Therapy intervenes in the post operating rehabilitation, if the problem has a big entity, or with a conservative approach, working on the inflammation reduction, the muscular and mobility recovery, if the traumas don’t request a surgical operation.

“THEAL Therapy is an efficient partner for the injuries recovery thanks to its intrinsic proprieties - Ennio Aloisini continues - It is an innovative and patented therapy, based on an advanced laser technology with different wavelenghts, with modulated emission, modulated energy and thermal control that allows to maximize the therapeutic effects in total safety causing, till the first session, an intense pain reduction and mobility recovery”
But there aren’t only “beach traumas”.
The dangers in mountain are mainly doing trekking, jogging and mountain bike. Ankle sprains and wrist fractures can be treated with THEAL Therapy acting, in acute phase, on the edema and pain removal and, in sub acute phase, working to regenerate the tissues and recovery the strength and the mobility.
The people who stay in the city must pay attention too, especially the olds, because a slip during a walk in the center can cause fractures of the hips, curable with THEAL Therapy in the post operating phase. Stress, sudden movements and disc hernias can be, lastly the cause of low back pain that has a fast and efficient remedy in the therapy patented by Mectronic (THEAL Therapy), avoiding risky and complicated surgical operations.
THEAL Theray uses different wavelenghts that can be dose between them to obtain a perfect mix for a specific pathology and for a specific patient, adapting the treatment with the physical parameters like the age, the pain, the phototype and the tissue typology, improving the therapeutic performance and reducing the recovery time.
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