Why is the 650nm red light so efficient?

The 650nm red laser light, the key of the new photomedicine.

The photons of laser light, with specific characteristics, when interact with the biological tissues they release their energy to the cells, allowing, through the chromophores action, to trasform it into other energy forms, to support the photobiostimulation at the base of all metabolic processes. The photobiomodulation, at the base of metabolic activities, is triggered by the selective and naturally thermal laser light absorption, which provides three fundamental effects: tissue regeneration, inflammatory action modulation and analgesic effect. It is scientifically proven that the main cellular chromophore of photobiomodulation is the Cytochrome C oxidase, an enzyme present within the mitochondria, cellular organelles present within each cell of the human body.




Numerous recent scientific articles like,

"Re-evaluation of the near infrared spectra of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase: Implications for non invasive in vivo monitoring of tissues"

(G.Mason, P. Nicholls, E. Cooper – 2014)


"Multiple Roles of Cytochrome c Oxidase in Mammalian Cells Under Action of Red and IR-A Radiation"

(T. Karu - 2010)

have demonstrated that the 650nm laser light is one of the most absorbed by the Cytochrome C Oxidase, enabling to trigger the photobiomodulation in the best possible way.



Grafico Mason



Controllo Termico

It should be further emphasized that to trigger the photochemical effect of photobiomodulation is necessary that the whole process takes place without an excessive increase in tissue temperature.

Therefore, the patented thermal control system of the biological tissues is present in the THEAL Therapy devices. This system enables the photobiomodulation to be activated in optimum conditions by selecting the thermal thresholds within which to perform the therapy.


It is important highlight that every single photon of laser light has an energy that dipends to the specific wavelengths.

When the wavelength is minor, the energy of the single photon of this radiation will be greater.

We can calculate the energy of the photon with this formula:


Finestra terapeutica
Mechanism of Low Level Laser Therapy - Hamblin 2006

The laser radiations with minor wavelength have a greater energy of the single photon, allowing to transfer more energy to the cells to support the natural processes of healing.

Unfortunally, the laser radiations with greater photonic energy are mainly absorbed by the melanin and they don not permit to transfer their energy to the underlying biological tissues.

Indeed these wavelengths aren't part of therapeutic window (600nm-1100nm) defined by Hamblin in 2006 in the article “Mechanism of Low Level Laser Therapy”



The 650nm wavelength represents an excellent compromise between the depth action, photonic energy and selective absorption from the main chromophore of the cell biomodulation, the Cytochrome c Oxidase. The 650nm laser light, even if absorbed mainly by melanin, guarantees a remarkable energy exchange at the surface level and in the medium depth, advancing an efficient biomodulant effect.

Additionally it inhibits the bacterial proliferation and promotes the cell growth, allowing to obtain incredible results in the healing of wounds, lesions and ulcers.

wounds 01
wounds 02
wounds 03



The scientific study brought by Watban in 2007, with the title, Low Level Laser Therapy Enhances Wound Healing in Diabetic Rats: a Comparison of Different Lasers,

speaks about lesions induced on mouses with laser being different wavelengths, demonstrates how the wavelengths in the visible red, like 650nm, are the best for the treatment of surface tissues and in the medium depth and demonstrates the elevated biostimulant effect of this laser radiation.

The high number of scientific studies and researches brought using this wavelength are the confirm of its extreme efficient.

Mectronic has designed and products devices that emit the 650nm laser light: iLux RED 500mW and iLux RED 2000mW. Mectronic has also integrated it into essential wavelengths to implement the innovative and patented methodic, safe and efficient: THEAL Therapy..


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