Winter health and sport, the vademecum to prevent and cure frequent accidents on snow

Pay attention to weather conditions, train to improve physical condition and equip yourself with the right equipment. These are some of the advice provided by the experts to avoid unpleasant injuries related to winter sports, that affect more than 30 thousand Italians each year. Among the recommendations, there is also that of relying on new laser technologies such as Theal Therapy, useful to guarantee faster healings.

winter sport

Practicing sports all year round is very useful for improving mental and physical well-being, but it is precisely during the winter months that the risk of injury increases, due to a lack of athletic preparation and inexperience in the field.


This is shown by a survey conducted by the Italian Institute of Health, according to which in 2017 there were 30 thousand people who suffered accidents on the snow, of which 25 thousand required first aid and about 1100 required hospitalizations. A negative trend that involved both professional athletes and celebrities: from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who broke his thighbone on skis, to Angela Merkel who fractured her pelvis, up to the italian skier Sofia Goggia, who broke the peroneal malleolus during training, and finally the US champion Lindsay Vohn, just retired from competitions due to repeated injuries. But what are the recommendations to avoid such injuries and treat them better in order to have a fast recovery? Prevention starts at home with a proper diet, a training period and the purchase of safe sports equipment. Once you hit the ski run , it is essential to observe the weather conditions, make some stretching and stay hydrated. Finally, in case of injuries, to reduce recovery time, experts recommend the use of laser therapy.

THEAL Therapy, the Mectronic's made in Italy laser therapy, was born precisely for this reason and, exploiting the perfect mix of different wavelengths, it adapts the treatmen according to the  physiological parameters such as age, pain, phototype and type of tissue.



"Practicing winter sports without first undergoing proper training makes the risk of injury more frequent. My direct experience teaches me that those who practice alpine skiing tend to be more the victim of fractures in the lower limbs, primarily in the knee, and in lesions of the ligaments, such as the crusader. Snowboarders suffer more often from upper limb injuries, such as shoulder dislocation and wrist fracture


explains Andrea Panzeri, Medical Director at the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan


This is why the aid of THEAL Therapy, which I have used many times in my clinic, becomes a valid ally in the treatment of these injuries thanks to its laser technology that maximizes therapeutic effects and reduces recovery times, especially in cases of acute and chronic pathologies.  My advice is always to follow a proper athletic training and wear appropriate sports equipment, especially for those who are not sports professionals but decided to ski for hobby ".




But what are the most frequent accidents on the snow?
According to data from the Italian Institute of Health, those who practice alpine skiing tend to be more the victim of lower limb injuries (53.4%), while those in the upper limbs are rarer (16.3%); the area of face is finally involved in the 13.4% of cases. People who juggle on snow with a snowboard, however, are more likely to report a lesion in the upper limbs (44.5%), while the lower limbs are affected in a more reduced way (23%). Women are the most affected by the distortions (43%), while among men the different types of lesions seem to be more distributed: the wounds affect the 12% of males and the 5.2% of females, dislocation affect the 11.2 % of men and the 4% of women.



Here is the vademecum made by experts to prevent and treat injuries related to winter sports:



• 1 •


Observing a healthy diet allows you to better face winter sports that require a large amount of energy.

• 2 •


Use certified instruments of the correct size, such as skis, boots and helmets, is essential to avoid injuries to the upper and lower limbs.


• 3 •


Drinking lots of water before tackling winter sports can restore the body's water balance.


• 4 •


Respecting the regulations and following the advice of expert instructors is very important: the most common injuries concern in fact neophytes who are dedicated to winter sports as a hobby.


• 5 •


Pay attention to the sudden changes in the weather, the risk of avalanches and severe temperature drops before getting on the ski slope.


• 6 •


Performing exercises that can warm up and stretch the muscles allows you to avoid sprains and pulled muscles.


• 7 •


To avoid unpleasant injuries it is essential to carry out a training period in the months prior to the winter season, improving your mental and physical wellbeing.


• 8 •


The use of THEAL Therapy laser has proved extremely useful in the more quickly treatment and recovery of acute-chronic pathologies.





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