World Veterinary Day, Laser Therapy is the New Ally in Healtcare and Wellness of Animals

In Italy there are over 60 million pets. To treat them more effectively, the Laser Therapy, a technology that will grow by $ 929.39 million by 2025, comes to the rescue of veterinarians. To embrace this trend in Italy, Mectronic has thought of making revolutionary products that use laser, tecar and shock waves: Doctor Tecar Vet, iLux Light Vet and PulsWave Vet

Animals became real family members and this is why resorting to specialized veterinary care has become mandatory in order to safeguard their health. Suffice it to say that according to Censis’ data in Italy domestic animals are present in 52% of the homes, and that in 2017 families spent 5 billion euros for their care (+ 12.9% in the last three years). Moreover, according to the estimates declared by the latest Assalco-Zoomark report, there are 60 million pet animals that live in homes and gardens, making Italy the second most pet friendly country in Europe. Eloquent data that have led more and more companies to invest in the development of advanced technologies to treat animals, especially in laser therapy. According to a US report published in Business Insider, in fact, the laser market applied to the veterinary world is destined to grow by $ 929.39 million by 2025. To embrace this trend in Italy, Mectronic, an international reference point for the production of lasers for rehabilitation therapy, patented a revolutionary technology that aims to change the world of veterinary medicine: from tecar-therapy for animals (Doctor Tecar Vet) to laser with ad hoc wavelengths (iLux Light Vet), up to shock waves (PulsWave Vet), the hi-tech made in Italy that takes care of millions of people all over the world has become an indispensable resource for veterinarians.


“Backed by over 35 years of experience in laser rehabilitation, we applied the most modern technologies borrowed from physical therapy devices and developed them specifically for pets – says Ennio Aloisini, Mectronic’s CEO – The Vet line can be successfully applied in traumatology, rehabilitation and in all pathologies that present pain, inflammation, edema, wounds and ulcers. We have paid particular attention to the pathologies of dogs and cats, creating customizable protocols according to the size, color of the skin, color and length of the hair, the state of the disease and the size of the area to be treated”.


Among the uses of these new technologies at the service of veterinarians there is also the treatment of damage to tendons and irritation of ligaments: thanks to new treatments such as high-energy laser therapy, results that until a few years ago were utopic can be obtained easily. Thought shared by dr. Ralf Pellmann, one of the few veterinarians in Germany who works with laser of this type and has specialized in treating orthopedic horse problems: "We have observed in various diagnoses that the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the horses I treated have healed much faster compared to traditional treatments. For over 2 and a half years we have been using iLux Light Vet, finding an impressive decrease in pain in the animals that we have treated and above all a rapid healing of the tissues in just a few weeks. Laser therapy is not invasive, it is painless and extremely functional to the needs and problems of the veterinary clinic.

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