Download the brochure dedicated to Doctor Tecar below.
Doctor Tecar: Brochure
Doctor Tecar: Marketing pack

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Do you want to promote Doctor Tecar in your center? Rely on Mectronic and discover the marketing package reserved for you.

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You can personalize your waiting room by requesting custom graphic material with your logo.
Doctor Tecar: Marketing pack
Doctor Tecar: Marketing pack

A wide range
of choices

Mectronic offers a choice between different formats to communicate with your patients: at your disposal you will have roll-ups, leaflets, brochures and posters.


You can enrich your center with impact roll-ups. Mectronic has studied different formats, images and messages that you can choose from.
Doctor Tecar: ROLL-UP
Doctor Tecar: BROCHURES


Communicate fully and comprehensively the benefits
and peculiarities of Doctor Tecar with leaflets made by Mectronic.


Another powerful communicative tool is the poster dedicated to Doctor Tecar. High quality graphics and key messages will enrich your center.
Doctor Tecar: POSTER
Doctor Tecar: VIDEO


Request videos dedicated to Doctor Tecar, the innovative, powerful, safe and effective methodology. With video format, you can quickly and easily report the results of Doctor Tecar to your patients.
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