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iLux XP laser therapy: Brochure
iLux XP laser therapy: Marketing pack

for your patients

Do you want to publicise THEAL Therapy to your patients? Mectronic provides you with the right tools to do it correctly, easily and effectively.

Customize content

Decorate your waiting room with THEAL Therapy marketing material package. You can customize the advertising material by requesting to enter your logo.
iLux XP laser therapy: Marketing pack
iLux XP laser therapy: Marketing pack

Different formats, one focus

Mectronic offers you the choice of different formats for your promotion: from leaflets to posters, from brochures to roll-ups. Whatever the format, focus will remain on the patient and on the pathologies.


Roll-ups are the perfect solution for communicating your message and highlighting your brand in any situation. You will have a variety of quality graphics accompanied by key messages dedicated to the patient.
iLux XP laser therapy: ROLL-UP
iLux XP laser therapy: BROCHURES


Practical and essential leaflets can express the key concepts of THEAL Therapy and iLux XP in a simple and concise way: the patient will be able to get acquainted with the therapy and dispel any doubt.


Classic posters that cannot be missed in your studio are posters, designed specifically to communicate to the patient the benefits of THEAL Therapy with high quality graphics.
iLux XP laser therapy: POSTERS
iLux XP laser therapy: VIDEO


Enhance your waiting room with videos dedicated to THEAL Therapy and iLux XP: Patients will be shown the operation, benefits, and results achieved with this innovative therapy.
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