The High
tech laser

7 emissions in a single laser

With a simple setting it is possible to choose between 7 emission modes, each with different benefits and characteristics - a range of possibilities with which to best treat the chronic and acute problems of patients.

CW: the real CW emission

This type of laser emission is characterized by constant delivery.
Effect: triggers the process of cellular biostimulation, increasing the production of ATP and accelerating tissue regeneration.
iLux laser therapy: CW: the real CW emission
iLux laser therapy: STOCHASTIC E²C MODE


This type of emission is the results of an exclusive Mectronic patent, and is characterized by a series of power impulses which have variable duration and frequency.
Effect: the patented Stochastic E²C mode generates a rapid analgesic effect, while limiting thermal effects on tissues.


3 different modes to tailor the therapy during the acute phase, optimizing both pro- and anti- inflammatory effects, and increasing biostimulation with low thermal impact. This mode allows the laser emission to be optimized according to phototype.
iLux laser therapy: PULSED MODE
iLux laser therapy: CUSTOM MODE


The need for energy which is ever more controlled and harmonized is met by the Custom emission mode. It is possible to personalise the emission by adjusting the Duty Cycle and Frequency parameters, allowing the ‘design’ of the pulsed and super-pulsed modes according to the required characteristics of the therapy.


This mode is particularly suitable for relapsed pathologies where chronic pain predominates. The series of impulses allows rapid inter-articular angiogenesis and facilitates the restoration of cellular homeostasis.
iLux laser therapy: BURST MODE
iLux laser therapy: SINGLE IMPULSE


The laser emission is concentrated in a single high-energy impulse with a precise, efficient dose. To guarantee greater efficiency the amplitude of the single impulse can be adjusted by the operator, to gaurantee the most suitable treatment.


Pulsed mode with specific anti-inflammatory setting. The process of nitric oxide release is fundamental to the rebalancing of microcirculation. Through controlled vasodilation, the process of angiogenesis ensures the reactivation of lymphatic peristalsis and the collection of catabolites from the inflammatory process.
iLux laser therapy: ANTINF MODE

Patented TriaX system

TriaX is the patented laser system with three wavelengths (810 nm + 980 nm + 1064 nm),
which maximizes therapeutic results.
810 nm
The 810nm wavelength allows rapid activation of the process of haemoglobin oxygenation: transferring the correct energetic supply to muscles and tendons, facilitating regeneration.
iLux laser therapy: 810 nm
980 nm
The 980nm wavelength optimizes the action on thermo and mechanical receptors. When associated with the E²C mode it ensures correct interaction with the peripheral nervous system, activating the Gate Control mechanism for a rapid analgesic effect.
iLux laser therapy: 980 nm
1064 nm
The wavelength with the least dispersion within biological tissues. Its high level of directionality allows the correct dose of energy to be aimed directly at the noxa. The result is a perfect synergy which harmonises the rapid analgesic effect with the control of inflammatory processes and the deep activation of metabolic processes vital for all cellular activities.
iLux laser therapy: 1064 nm

The widest range of wavelengths

The MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy uses different wavelengths and wavelength combinations within and outside of the therapeutic window to meet every possible need.
Thanks to innovative AuSn Quantum Bonding technology it is possible to produce devices with from 1 to 5 wavelengths within the range 450 nm - 1700 nm.
iLux laser therapy: The widest range of wavelengths


iLux features the M-Stylus handpiece, which allows applicators to be changed using innovative magnetic technology, patented by next trunk. Thanks to the robust and flexible applicator attachment system, using magnetic technology, iLux guarantees intuitive high-performance therapy.

ScanX mode:
Automatic operation

The iLux laser can also be expanded with the ScanX module, which allows the laser to be used in automatic mode. This type of application is particularly advantageous when used on large areas of the body. The ScanX package features dedicated therapeutic protocols and exclusive accessories. The essential, innovative and practical safety button allows the patient to stop the therapy at any point during treatment.
iLux laser therapy: ScanX mode, Automatic operation
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