Available in two distinct configurations, the first with 6 wavelengths (650nm + 780nm + 810nm + 980nm + 1064nm + 1210nm) and 50W of power and the second with 8 wavelengths (450nm + 650nm + 780nm + 810nm + 905nm + 980nm + 1064nm + 1210nm) and 92W of power, Ixyon XP represents the reference point of THEAL Therapy. Thanks to the ability to mix up to 8 lengths using the Lambda Mixer system, Ixyon XP allows you to fully adjust the therapy in order to dramatically improve the therapeutic performance. Ixyon XP modulates laser light to adapt the therapy to the specific patient and the specific pathology. To do so, Ixyon XP has 11 different emission modes, some of which are patented as the Stochastic E²C evolution mode. In addition, Ixyon XP allows you to create customized output modes by combining, if necessary, different emission modes for each wavelength, thanks to the revolutionary Wave Creator system. Ixyon XP features the innovative Light Blade handpiece, equipped with patented magnetic technology, and expandable with 10 different applicators to maximize therapy.
Technical specifications

Ixyon xp models

The therapeutic lasers to meet every need.
Ixyon: technical characteristics
650nm + 780nm + 810nm
+ 980nm + 1064nm + 1210nm
Ixyon: technical characteristics
450nm + 650nm + 780nm + 810nm +
905nm + 980nm + 1064nm + 1210nm
Technology: Mectronic’s own MecOs 3.0 OMNIA Real-Time Operating System
Wavelenght: 450nm, 650nm, 780nm, 810nm, 905nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1210nm
Guide Light: 650 nm - up to 3mW
Laser power: Up to 92W 
Emission: Continuous (CW), Pulsed, Super-pulsed, E²C (patented stochastic mode), AntInf, HPM and Dimmer
Personal emission: Wave Creator
Operation mode: Manual, Single Pulse, Burst and Custom mode
Special modes: Joule mode, Timer mode, Trigger Point mode, Effect Finder, Tissue Target System and Temperature Control mode
Effect Mode: 5 specific emission modes to maximise the 5 main effects of THEAL THERAPY: Bio-stimulant, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-edema, and Tension Relief
Pathologies: Over 90 therapeutic protocols with interactive illustrations and protocols sub-divided by phase
Calibration: Graphic and acoustic control system for laser emission at handpiece exit in accordance with norm CEI EN 60825-1
Display: Colour TFT 8” Touch - screen
Supply: 100 ÷ 240V 50 ÷ 60Hz
Absorption: 160 VA
Dimensions: 300 x 450 x 250 mm (case)
300 x 450 x 1070 mm (with trolley)
Weight: 7 kg (case)
22 kg (with trolley)
Laser Class: IV
Beam divergence: 25°
Puls Width: 1 - 1000 ms
IP Classification: IPX0 device
IPX0 handpiece
IPX4 pneumatic footswitch
0 ÷ 30°C
30 ÷ 75% humidity non-condensing
700 ÷ 1060 hPa
and storage:
-10 ÷ 55°C
10 ÷ 100% humidity non-condensing
500 ÷ 1060 hPa
EMP: Maximal emission permit on skin 5600W/m²
EMP: Maximal emission permit on cornea 9W/m²
DNRO: Nominal Distance of Ocular Risk 4m
Conformity: IEC/EC 60601-1; IEC 60601-1-2; IEC 60601-2-22
Directive 93/42: llb Classification
Technical specifications


iLux XP: Light Blade
Light Blade
iLux XP: Spheric XP
Spheric XP
Cod. APP04
iLux XP: Agopuncture
Cod. APP06
iLux XP: Zoom-Focusable
Cod. APP03
iLux XP: Spheric XP
Spheric XP
Cod. APP05
iLux XP: IR compact
IR compact
Cod. APP01
iLux XP: IR large
IR large
Cod. APP02
iLux XP: AuriX
Cod. APP10
iLux XP: ENT applicator
ENT Physio applicator
Cod. APP07
iLux XP: Surgery
Fixed focus
Cod. APP06
iLux XP: Sapphire
Cod. APP08
Ixyon: Footswitch
Cod. 80064
Ixyon: Laser warning sign with flashing light
Laser warning sign with flashing light
Cod. Lamp
Ixyon: Power cable
Power cable
Cod. 80035
Ixyon: Tape measure
Tape measure
Cod. TP1
Ixyon: Safety glasses
Safety glasses
Cod. 80004
Ixyon: Special Safety Glasses
Special Safety Glasses
Cod. 80004XP
Ixyon: 3 pole interlock
3 pole interlock
Cod. 80038
Ixyon: Carry bag
Carry bag
Cod. 150
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