the technology
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A technological heart
without rival

Ixyon XP is able to deliver up to 8 different wavelengths, which can be mixed and modulated according to the needs of the therapist. All this is possible thanks to an advanced system based on StarLight EnnaX, the innovative ultra-compact laser head developed by Mectronic.
Ixyon: A technological heart without rival

Power is nothing
without control

Thanks to the innovative StarLight EnnaX laser head and the innovative emission control system, Ixyon XP allows delivery of laser light with different mixes of wavelength and power from 10mW to 92W. Thanks to its ability to deliver laser light with different intensities, Ixyon XP represents the crossover point between low energy laser therapy (LLLT: Low Level Laser Therapy) and high-intensity laser therapy.
Ixyon: Power is nothing without control

A therapy
without limits

Ixyon XP emits laser light with 6 (650nm, 780nm, 810nm, 980nm, 1064nm and 1210nm) or 8 (450nm, 650nm, 780nm, 810nm, 905nm, 980nm, 1064nm and 1210nm) separate wavelengths. High intensity laser emission with an adjustable mix of six or nine wavelengths is modulated, associating emission mode, which, according to needs, can be different for each wavelength - so as to maximize the therapeutic effect and expand application horizons.
Ixyon: A therapy without limits

Patented thermal

Ixyon XP features a tissue thermal control system which is designed and patented by Mectronic. Thanks to the high-performance advanced thermal IR control, Ixyon XP implements THEAL Therapy on a range of pathologies of the musculoskeletal apparatus of patients, with different photo types and different tissue types, safely and effectively. Furthermore, the thermal control allows THEAL Therapy treatments to be administered within specific thermal thresholds, to maximize therapeutic results.
Ixyon: Patented thermal control

Expand therapeutic horizons with 11 emission modes

Ixyon XP has been designed to meet every need of the patient and the therapist. For this reason it is possible to choose from 11 emission modes, each having different benefits and characteristics of the laser impulse, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and safety for every pathology.
Ixyon: HPM
The High intensity Pulse Mode emits pulses with short duration characterized by high peak power, limiting the thermal effects on the tissues.
Ixyon: Dimmer
The innovative Dimmer mode permits to combine in a unique emission mode the biostimulant effect of Continuous mode with the analgesic effcts of Pulsed mode.
Ixyon: Wave Creator
Wave Creator
The operator can save the mode and mix of modes created. Thanks to Wave Creator, therapy is even more flexible and effective.
Ixyon: CW
Starts processes of cellular bio-stimulation, increasing the production of ATP, and accelerating tissue regeneration.
Ixyon: E²C
The patented stochastic E²C Mode is used to generate a rapid analgesic effect, limiting thermal effects on tissues.
Ixyon: AntInf
Through controlled vasodilation, the process of neoangiogenesis causes the reactivation of lymphatic peristalsis and the collection of catabolites which result from inflammation.
Ixyon: Puls 1
Puls 1
Ixyon: Puls 2
Puls 2
Ixyon: Puls 3
Puls 3
Ixyon: Single Pulse
Single Pulse
Ixyon: Burst

Light Blade:
innovation in your hands

THEAL Therapy with Ixyon XP is even more practical and high-performance, thanks to the innovative, ultra-compact and ergonomic Light Blade handpiece. Light Blade features patented magnetic applicators and the comfortable finger switch, which activates the laser emission. Furthermore, the Light Blade handpiece features a polychromatic LED system, which provides the operator with real-time feedback on the progress of the therapy.
Ixyon: Light Blade: innovation in your hands

A wide range
of applicators

The innovative Light Blade handpiece features patented magnetic technology that can be used with 10 different applicators:
- IR compact with tissue temperature control system
- IR large with tissue temperature control system
- Zoom-Focusable applicator with tissue temperature control system
- Spheric XP compact applicator
- Spheric XP large applicator
- Collimated applicator
- Aurix applicator
- Fixed focus applicator
- Sapphire applicator
- ENT Physio applicator.
Furthermore, Light Blade recognizes the selected applicator and adapts and optimizes the therapy accordingly.
Ixyon: A wide range of applicators
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