the therapy
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Therapy management

Advanced therapy

The MecOS 3.0 OMNIA System, with its interactive 8 inch high resolution touchscreen display, guides the operator through the management of the therapy in an intuitive and simple manner, guaranteeing practical results from the first use.
Ixyon: Advanced therapy management
Therapy management

Sets the mix of wavelength with the Lambda Mixer

Until now the wavelength mix was preset and could not be changed, thanks to THEAL Therapy now the operator has full control of the therapy. Ixyon XP features the revolutionary Lambda Mixer system which allows the operator to select the wavelength based on the characteristics of the patient and different pathologies, in order to maximize therapeutic results.
Ixyon: Sets the mix of wavelength with the Lambda Mixer
Therapy management

wave creator

Ixyon XP features the new Wave Creator system which allows the creation of custom emission modes. The high intensity laser emission of a custom mix of 6 and 8 wavelengths is modulated, associating the most suitable emission mode – which can be different for each wavelength. The operator can save the mode and the mix of emission mode created. Thanks to Wave Creator, therapy is even more flexible and effective.
Ixyon: wave creator
Therapy management

Target Tissue

The Target Tissue System is a new feature which allows modification of the therapy, the wavelength mix and the emission mode, based on the target tissues to be treated, maximizing therapeutic results. Thanks to this innovative system, THEAL Therapy is even safer and more effective.
Ixyon: Target Tissue System
Therapy management

Effect Finder

The innovative Effect Finder system allows the desired effect or effects to be selected (Antioedema, Bio-stimulant, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Decontracting) automatically modifying the emission mode and the wavelength mix. Thanks to the Effect Finder therapy is even more simple and practical, maximizing the desired therapeutic effect.
Ixyon: Effect Finder
Therapy management

Thermal control
of tissues

Ixyon XP features a thermal control system for tissues which was designed and patented by Mectronic. Thanks to the advanced, high-performance IR thermo control, Ixyon XP implements THEAL Therapy on a range of pathologies affecting the muscular skeletal apparatus of patients with different photo types and different tissue types effectively and safely. Different working modes can be set in order to control and supply in real-time the temperature value required. Furthermore, thermal control allows THEAL Therapy treatments to be carried out within specific thermal boundaries, maximizing therapeutic results.
Ixyon: Thermal control of tissues
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