Mectronic - new devices
40 years of experience in the electromedical field and the aim of always offering always the best, have led to the complete renewal of all our product lines.
New devices developed based on continuous scientific research, using the most advanced technologies and constantly collaborating with rehabilitation professionals, with the aim of guaranteeing you the most advanced therapies available.

ilux PLUS

iLux PLUS is an advanced, versatile and powerful laser therapy system. The result of Mectronic's 40 years of know-how, today iLux PLUS represents a reference point for laser therapy. iLux PLUS, thanks to the possibility to customize the characteristics of the laser beam, allows to optimize the therapeutic results, allowing to quickly cure various pathologies.

Up to 30W of average power
Different wavelength configurations
13 emission modes

iLux PLUS: una piattaforma per la laserterapia a 360°

ilux SMART

iLux SMART is a powerful, versatile and compact laser therapy system. iLux SMART is light, compact and easy to use: these features, combined with its performance, make it the perfect ally for any therapist who needs to have an intuitive and reliable device at his side in everyday work.

Up to 15W of average power
Single wavelength: 650nm, 810nm, 980nm and 1064nm
Continuous, pulsed and super pulsed emission modes

iLux SMART: Novità nel software e nel design


Coming soon...
Ixyon XP, thanks to the 6 different wavelengths and the high range of powers, represents the last frontier of laser therapy and the most powerful and versatile system for THEAL. Ixyon XP represents the latest milestone reached by Mectronic, a company that with over 20,000 lasers produced is a world leader in the therapeutic laser sector.

From 10mW to 50W of average power and 100W of peak power
6 wavelengths: 650nm + 780nm + 810nm + 905nm + 980nm + 1064nm
15 emission modes


Doctor Tecar PLUS

Doctor Tecar PLUS is the most powerful, versatile and advanced tecar therapy system in the world. Doctor Tecar Plus delivers from 300 kHz to 1.5 MHz, including the 448 kHz frequency, with a maximum power of 200VA and a maximum peak-to-peak power of 600W.

Up to 200VA (600Wpp) of power
The widest range of frequencies, from 300 kHz to 1.5 MHz*
Emission mode: Continuous, Adjustable pulsed and Dimmer
Innovative Swing mode

(*Includes 448 kHz frequency)

Doctor Tecar PLUS

Doctor Tecar SMART

Doctor Tecar SMART is a powerful, versatile and compact system for tecar therapy. Thanks to its unique technical characteristics, Doctor Tecar Smart allows you to stimulate the passage of energy in biological tissues and to activate the natural repair and recovery processes.

Up to 70VA (210Wpp) of power
Two working frequencies: 448 kHz and 750 kHz
Mode of issue: Continuous and Pulsed

Doctor Tecar SMART

Doctor Tecar XP

Coming soon...
Doctor Tecar XP is the most powerful, versatile and advanced tecar therapy system in the world. Doctor Tecar XP delivers from 200 kHz to 3 MHz, including the 448 kHz frequency, with a maximum power of 300VA and a peak-to-peak power of 900W.

Up to 300VA (900Wpp) of power
The widest frequency range, from 200 kHz to 3 MHz*
Continuous, adjustable pulsed and dimmer emission

(*Includes 448 kHz frequency)

Doctor Tecar XP

PulsWave PLUS

PulsWave PLUS is an advanced system for radial shock wave therapy. PulsWave PLUS, thanks to the innovative MAGPULSE system, allows you to generate pulses up to 25 Hz frequency with energy between 50 mJ and 200 mJ.

From 50 mJ to 200 mJ
Up to 25 Hz
MAGPULSE electromagnetic generator
Tissue target system

PulseWave PLUS


Coming soon...
CHELT is the innovative synergy between dry cold air cryotherapy at -30 ° C with thermal control and THEAL laser therapy, which maximizes therapeutic results in both acute and chronic phases. The cold dry air produced by the cryo module is the vector of THEAL laser therapy: the vasoconstriction produced promotes excellent laser diffusion in depth. CHELT is ideal for resolving pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and for healing inflammation and hematomas.

From 10mW to 100W of power
LLLT and high intensity laser in one device
Up to 8 wavelengths
Air temperature from + 45 ° C to -30 ° C

CHELT Therapy
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