High performance scanning laser

Solid build quality together with excellent results make Opton 8000 a successful scanning laser: the point of reference for scanning laser therapy.
Opton 8000: High performance scanning laser


The oscillating system of the scanning laser allows to position the laser source more accurately, for a more effective therapy.
Opton 8000: Oscillating system

Scan mode

Opton 8000 delivers laser light with three different scan modes:
Vertical scan, Horizontal scan and Circular scan.
Opton 8000: Scan mode

Safety and precision

All Opton 8000 systems feature Patient-Safety stop button. Furthermore, thanks to Area Control, laser emission is blocked if the power setting is too high for the chosen area (EMP control = maximum allowed emission).
Opton 8000: Safety and precision

OPTON 8000

The experience and consolidated knowhow of the Mectronic laboratories have led to the introduction of new configurations, including the CO₂ Opton 8000 Bi-power version.
Opton 8000 Bi-power simultaneously offers analgesic characteristics typical of CO₂ lasers and the bio-stimulant effects of IR.
Opton 8000: Bi-POWER
CO₂ from 20 W
and IR 810 nm laser from 2 W
CO₂ from 20 W
and IR 980 nm laser from 2 W
CO₂ from 20 W
and IR 1064 nm laser from 2 W

OPTON 8000

The Opton 8000 RED is an innovative new laser which uses a red 650 nm laser to treat muscular and skeletal pathologies, with elective applications such as photodynamic therapy, the treatment of ulcers, injuries and wounds, and the treatment of oral mucositis.
Opton 8000: RED

OPTON 8000

The Opton 8000 TriaX features the innovative internationally patented Triax technology, with three wavelengths (810nm + 980nm + 1064nm) to guarantee excellent therapeutic results. This technology makes the Opton 8000 TriaX an even more flexible, high-performance tool.
Opton 8000: TRIAX
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