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CHELT Therapy: CHELT synergy application

CHELT synergy application

The application of CHELT synergy is the basis of this therapy. The delivery of cold air at -30° C stops extravasation and the vasodilation of capillaries due to liquids which produce inflammation, avoiding bruises and allowing early treatment with MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy. The superficial vasoconstriction inhibits the flow of oxygenated haemoglobin - a chromophore for laser radiation, and therefore allows deeper areas of the tissue to be reached - facilitating laser penetration. Cold, dry air at -30° C is the carrier for MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy, slowing the cellular metabolism and reducing bloodflow, stopping calcification of edema, induces deep reactive hyperemia which facilitates the penetration of the laser while avoiding overheating of the surface during the delivery of high levels of energy. It has great analgesic power and, through its prevention of extravasation, allows early investigation of the trauma. CHELT Therapy is a synergy which is innovative, unique, efficient, safe and high-performance.
CHELT Therapy: AMIT (Advanced muscular injury treatment)

AMIT (Advanced muscular injury treatment)

One of the elective applications of CHELT Therapy is, without doubt, muscular injuries. Thanks to the synergy between cold, dry air at -30° C and MultiMode HEL three wavelength (Triax) Lasertherapy, it is possible to treat muscular injuries in a quick, effective and lasting manner. The -30° C cold, dry air has a powerful analgesic effect and, during the acute phase, can significantly reduce pain by stopping extravasation, allowing early investigation of the injury. Then -30° cryotherapy becomes the carrier for MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy, slowing cell metabolism and blood flow, inhibiting calcification of edema, inducing a reactive hyperaemia at depth which helps the penetration of the laser. Thanks to a sequence of small deliveries it is possible to deliver the laser energy to a significant depth, starting bio-modulation in the area of the injury and accelerating tissue regeneration and rapid functional recovery.
CHELT Therapy: Cryo stretch

Cryo stretch

Cryo strech or Cryostretching is a technique which combines the use of cryotherapy with cold and dry air at -30° C and stretching. The area involved is initially cooled using cryotherapy with cold dry air at -30° C thus inhibiting the nerve endings and numbing the area to be treated. Following this a series of stretches are carried out. The cold dry air cryotherapy at -30° C reduces muscle spasms and allows the muscle to relax more, which allows further stretching. The stretching allows the lengthening reflex to be overcome, reducing muscle spasms.
CHELT Therapy: Static automatic ScanX application

Static automatic ScanX application

Thanks to the static automatic ScanX application, CHELT Therapy becomes even more high-performance and flexible, transforming into an operator-independent therapy. The ScanX mode features a dedicated pathology library with over 60 pathologies and relative interactive protocols, subdivided by phase. The ScanX applicator is made in a special biocompatible material making it perfectly tolerable by the patient. Furthermore the ScanX mode allows the possibility of the patient interrupting therapy during the treatment, thanks to the innovative and practical safety button.
CHELT Therapy: Static manual application

Static manual application

Thanks to the static manual application of CHELT Therapy it is possible to treat specific target tissues, so as to transfer the correct dose of energy. Manual application is excellent for the treatment of trigger points, neuro-lymphatic points, and point delivery of the laser energy.
CHELT Therapy: Manual dynamic application

Manual dynamic application

Manual dynamic application allows the use of CHELT Therapy on large or small areas of the human body so as to deliver the correct dose of energy. Thanks to manual dynamic application, CHELT Therapy allows the administration of laser energy following muscle bundles, distributing energy correctly across the area to be treated.
CHELT Therapy: Analgesic E²C application

Analgesic E²C application

The treatment of painful points on the human body is now faster easier and more effective thanks to analgesic E²C application. Thanks to the patented stochastic E²C Mode in combination with the small applicator or the Spheric applicator, and a slow spiral movement on the painful point, it is possible to quickly reduce peripheral pain.
CHELT Therapy: Manual application with the Spheric applicator

Manual application with the Spheric applicator

CHELT Therapy has become even more effective thanks to the Spheric applicator. Its convex shape allows the spheric applicator to increase the potential of MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy used in CHELT Therapy, allowing the treatment of complex areas of the human body such as the popliteal fossa, and allowing the use of light pressure during the treatment allowing tissue massage, reducing the optical distance to the target tissues, and perfecting trigger point treatment.
CHELT Therapy: Trigger point treatment

Trigger point treatment

The treatment of trigger points is often useful to reduce painful symptoms and initiate the correct rehabilitative process. Thanks to the multiple applicators and its high performance flexible multi-mode emission, CHELT Therapy is an important ally in the treatment of trigger points, allowing them to be treated in just a few minutes.
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