CHELT Therapy: Bio-stimulant effect

Bio-stimulant effect

CHELT Therapy allows the modulation of cellular repair processes. Recomposition and remodeling of biological tissues takes place through complicated and delicate metabolic processes, within which the transmission of the correct dose of energy is essential. The biostimulation processes are made up of two important phenomena, the first, cellular respiration which supplies AGP to cells, and the second, correct oxygenation of tissues which depends solely on the processes of neovascularization. CHELT Therapy, with its accurate methodology, facilitates these biochemical chain reactions, stimulating them and inhibiting, as necessary, processes of proliferation, returning tissues to their natural harmonious structural integrity.
CHELT Therapy: Analgesic Effect

Analgesic Effect

CHELT Therapy is an excellent method to eliminate pain. Using the synergy created by cold dry air at -30° C and high-energy MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy with exclusive patented E²C emission, CHELT Therapy ensures blockage of the paint signal at a peripheral level, stopping its transmission to the central nervous system. The resultant pain relief, long lasting and without side-effects, allows the patient greater comfort and faster recovery.
CHELT Therapy: Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Anti-Inflammatory Effect

This process of recomposition and remodeling of tissues is activated by inflammatory metabolic pathways within which the balance of energy transmitted is of fundamental importance to start biological healing processes. The phase following the trauma is always accompanied by a complex chain of pro-inflammatory substances, which lead to biostimulation action. Correct dosage allows elimination of the dangers connected with the pro inflammatory aspects, such as pain and hematic extravasation. This regulatory action is correctly modulated by CHELT Therapy, through the controlled vasoconstriction caused by the cold dry air at -30° of cryotherapy. MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy, at the correct moments in the various phases of cryotherapy, recharges the energy of the delicate biochemical reactions, stimulating the processes of proliferation which quickly return complete functionality to the damaged cells, rebalancing the extra and intra-cellular matrix.
CHELT Therapy: Decontracting Effect

Decontracting Effect

Sports and particularly heavy work can test the body. In these circumstances abnormal contractions can exceed the natural limits of muscular resistance, causing muscle spasms. This muscular dysfunction, when not adequately treated, can become the first step in more complex muscle injury. CHELT Therapy allows the prevention of muscular spasms, ensuring deep oxygenation of the muscles, the elasticity of tendons, and the integrity of complex joint systems, thus reducing the danger of serious muscle injury to a minimum.
CHELT Therapy: Anti-Edema effect

Anti-Edema effect

Within the inflammatory processes, especially during the acute phase, edemas may occur. These are liquid metabolic wastes mainly made up of cellular detritus from phagocyte action. These edemas, if not completely absorbed, can cause chronic information. CHELT Therapy works in two phases, the first through cooling using cold dry air at -30° C, known as the Hunting process, and the second, started by MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy, known as the Lievens Effect. The synergy of these two metabolic phenomena strongly promotes peripheral microcirculation, guaranteeing the complete absorption of excess liquids, freeing joints and muscle bundles from metabolic wastes which impede correct functional recovery.
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