Doctor Tecar Therapy: Rehabilitation
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Pain therapy

Pain therapy

Functional limitations arising from trauma are always accompanied by obvious symptoms of pain. Thanks to the intensive activation of microcirculation of blood and the lymphatic system, Doctor Tecar Therapy stimulates microcirculation, working on free nerve endings, rebalancing the membrane balance of nociceptors, and blocking the pain sensation through the release of endorphins.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Acute And Chronic Pathologies

Acute And Chronic Pathologies

Doctor Tecar Therapy is particularly effective in the rehabilitation of trauma, in both the acute and chronic phases, such as post-prosthetic surgery. Painful osteoarticular and muscular pathologies with inflammatory origins, such as epicondilitis, rhizarthrosis, medial epicondylitis, sub-acromial conflict syndrome, plantar fasciitis, cervico- brachialgia and lumbago are just some of the pathologies successfully treated with long-lasting, side-effect free results.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Improved Mobility

Improved Mobility

Doctor Tecar Therapy is a method which plays a fundamental role in the recovery and improvement of mobility, thanks to its capacity to transfer of energy to biological tissues in a targeted manner. The therapeutic results which can be obtained with Doctor Tecar Therapy are as follows: pain relief, muscle relaxation, maintenance and improvement of joint mobility, recovery of the ability to walk and improved circulation.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Physiological accelerator

Physiological accelerator

In the world of competitive sport fast recovery times are a must. The Doctor Tecar Therapy method is now an integral part of sports medicine therapy, because it activates and accelerates natural processes of tissue repair, drastically reducing recovery times. Doctor Tecar Therapy facilitates, and is a catalyst for, all the biological reactions in our body - allowing completely stable and reproducible results to be attained through the delivery of precisely controlled doses of energy.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Rheumatology


For rheumatic pathologies, using the correct dose of Doctor Tecar Therapy energy allows optimum results to be obtained in the modulation of inflammatory processes, reducing joint and muscular pain, so as to resume the correct function of the muscular skeletal system. Thanks to the controlled delivery of tecar energy through the bio transfer system, Doctor Tecar Therapy generates vasodilation, which allows removal of metabolic wastes created by inflammatory processes. This leads to improved oxygenation of tissues and resultant healing of micro-lesions.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Traumatology


Doctor Tecar Therapy plays a fundamental role in the treatment of traumatic pathologies, and allows treatment of sprains and contusions - even in the most acute phases. Fast intervention avoids the formation of extended edimas and, through the absorption of excess liquids by the lymphatic system, reduces pain and swelling. Doctor Tecar Therapy, applying its tecar energy to the peripheral circulatory system, allows the reduction of haematomas, and consequently the dangerous phenomenon of calcification of muscular fibres.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

There are many causes of dysfunction of the venous and lymphatic system. Inadequate lifestyle and lack of physical movement are the most common causes of water retention, heavy legs, and swollen ankles, until the formation of genuine lymphedema. Doctor Tecar Therapy regularizes lymphatic flow within tissues and, by stimulating the lymphatic system, contributes to the reactivation of microcirculation - promoting the collection of excess catabolic liquids, facilitating an efficient draining effect.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Vehiculation


Thanks to the advanced AVx module, with Doctor Tecar Therapy it is possible to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients through the skin. This therapy is known as transdermal vehiculation, and allows various pathologies to be treated. It is a non-invasive method, which is able to transport the active ingredient to depth, passing through the barrier of the skin and reaching the cause of the problem. By using the active ingredient in a cream, together with the energy of Doctor Tecar, benefits are transported to depth, reducing the quantity needed because of greater absorption. The topical absorption of active ingredients for therapeutic purposes in significant concentrations through transdermal vehiculation provided for by Doctor Tecar Therapy has greater beneficial effects in terms of faster times, favouring the quick recovery of the biological integrity of injured tissues.


Doctor Tecar Therapy: Sport
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy

Doctor Tecar Therapy stimulates the natural repair processes of the organism. The natural thermal mode, either continuous or pulsed, facilitates immediate pain relief. Doctor Tecar Therapy stimulates microcirculation, working on free nerve endings, rebalancing membrane potentials of nociceptors, and helping to block the pain sensation through the release of endorphins.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Pre-competition warm-up / Competition preparation

Pre-competition warm-up /
Competition preparation

Doctor Tecar Therapy causes strong, deep vascularization of tissues thanks to its controlled transfer of energy. Optimisation of muscular oxygenation allows athletes to perform at their highest level, reducing tiredness and muscular injuries to a minimum.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Post-competition stress relief or post-competition recovery

Post-competition stress relief
or post-competition recovery

Doctor Tecar Therapy is of fundamental importance in the phase which follows sporting activity, allowing athletes to quickly recover optimal conditions to continue high-level performance. Through efficient and deep vasodilation, the micro-circulatory system is able to collect all metabolytes from cellular respiration. Furthermore, following intense exercise, many micro-lesions can be present, leading to muscular pain. Doctor Tecar Therapy stimulates the healing process of biological tissues, guaranteeing complete muscular and functional recovery within a short timeframe.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

Hyperaemia induced by Doctor Tecar Therapy, with its effective and deep vascularization, guarantees the athlete maximum muscular elasticity during sporting activity. The maintenance of muscles in a good state minimizes the risk of postural problems, joint pain and in the worst-case pulled and injured muscules.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Accelerated physical recovery

Accelerated physical recovery

Doctor Tecar Therapy, with its efficient high-performance vasodilation, stimulates the reparative action of biological tissues, guaranteeing the fast, complete recovery of muscles and function. The quick activation of cellular membrane balance promotes ionic exchange through osmosis, speeding up cellular metabolism and physical recovery.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Fast elimination of edema

Fast elimination of edema

In a sporting context it is important to work quickly to reduce edema, to start the rehabilitation process, and to return correct motor function. Doctor Tecar Therapy, in synergy with hemo-lymphatic massage, allows stimulation of the circulatory system and an increase in hematic flow, thus helping with the collection of metabolites and excess liquids, so as to reduce edema swelling and pain.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Physiological accelerator

Physiological accelerator

Doctor Tecar is an excellent physiological accelerator which allows acceleration of natural physical recovery. Doctor Tecar Therapy, thanks to its ability to administer capacitive and resistive tecar energy in a controlled manner, increases vasodilation and the formation of migratory exuded proteins to promote remodeling of cellular structures. With the help of its bio-transfer system, Doctor Tecar Therapy delivers the correct energetic dose to biological tissues, to activate strong bio-stimulation, aimed at accelerating physical recovery.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Athletic Rehabilitation

Athletic Rehabilitation

Doctor Tecar Therapy, with its moderately thermal resistive and capacitive emission with bio transfer feedback, causes significant vasodilation and consequent biostimulation. This biostimulation promotes remodeling of cellular structures, increasing the ability of connective tissue to extend, and reducing viscosity. Thanks to this feature Doctor Tecar Therapy plays a fundamental role in the process of athletic rehabilitation: it eliminates mio fascial retraction for immediate correction of postural problems, reinforces muscular tissue and re-establishes the balance between agonistic and antagonistic muscles, leading to a stable and effective recovery of function.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: ROM Improvement

ROM Improvement

Doctor Tecar Therapy, applied in synergy with other rehabilitative methods, increases the efficacy of the repair and recovery of Range of Motion. The integration of Doctor Tecar Therapy with active and passive joint mobilization techniques, with manual massage and stretching, allows anatomical and functional problems to be resolved quickly.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Traumatology


Doctor Tecar Therapy plays a fundamental role in the therapeutic treatment of traumatic pathologies, and represents a source of bio-energy which associates with classic rehabilitative methods in a synergistic manner. Doctor Tecar Therapy rebalances tissue physiology through the focused transfer of energy, generating deep, uniform hyperaemia, to re-establish homoeostasis in the cells of the tissues treated. Doctor Tecar Therapy resets and reinforces the auto repair capacity of tissues.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Wellness
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Pre and post surgery

Pre and post surgery

Doctor Tecar Therapy is efficient and effective in physiotherapy and post surgery physiotherapy, such as the treatment of post surgery lymphedema. Lymphedema is common following surgery such as mastectomy, as well as presenting as accumulations of excess liquid following orthopedic surgery. The method features, in synergy with hemo-lymphatic massage, the stimulation of the peripheral circulatory system, favouring rapid evacuation of excess liquids and the resultant reduction in edema, swelling, and joint pain.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Fat Removal

Fat Removal

Doctor Tecar Therapy proposes an innovative physio-aesthetic methodology, using an adaptive system to treat skin imperfections such as localized accumulations of fat. Both automatic and manual application in the natural thermal mode release focused heat in the area treated, which causes metabolic activation and an increase in microcirculation. The areas treated are rich in lipase enzymes which are responsible for lipid metabolism. After a few applications the fat absorption process can be noted, causing an immediate reduction of excess waistline, to quickly achieve well-being.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Fibrous And Adipose Cellulite

Fibrous And Adipose Cellulite

Doctor Tecar Therapy, in synergy with a healthy lifestyle and correct diet, is highly effective in the treatment of fibrous and adipose cellulite. This pathology is the result of a dysfunction of the collective system. Thanks to the increase in microcirculation and hyper-vascularisation of the deeper layers of the dermis, the metabolism is strongly reactivated, guaranteeing an immediate reduction in tissue inflammation due to fast reactivation of lymphatic peristalsis. The collection of metabolites and excess liquids reduces the danger of nodular accumulations, returning tone, compactness and luminosity to the tissue.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Reduction In Sagging And Toning

Reduction In Sagging And Toning

Doctor Tecar Therapy allows optimal results to be obtained in the remodeling of tissues which are changed by micro circulatory pathologies, such as skin sagging and scar tissue retraction. The increase in all metabolic activities, stimulated by Doctor Tecar Therapy, allows efficient, long-lasting, side-effect free treatments to improve toning of the body and face. Thanks to the extensive set of mono and bipolar applicators, and the different possible frequency and mode configurations, Doctor Tecar Therapy represents an effective anti-ageing tool for the treatment of a variety of defects such as wrinkles, and sagging of the face, breasts and arms, guaranteeing safe and effective results with skin which is taught, toned and luminous.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

The inflammatory processes of the collective system can cause dysfunctions in the venous and lymphatic systems. Doctor Tecar Therapy, through the transfer of naturally thermal energy, increases hyperaemia in tissues, with the consequent activation of microcirculation and metabolic activity. Many pathologies feature accumulations of metabolic substances which are the result of inflammatory processes. If this excess liquid is not reabsorbed it can create genuine hemo-lymphatic stasis which, if chronic, causes disturbing blemishes. Doctor Tecar Therapy, in synergy with classic drainage techniques, allows rapid absorption of stasis, eliminating edema and excess liquid, to return well-being through an efficient draining action.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Body shaping

Body shaping

Remodelling the body means correcting, where possible, tissue blemishes. Doctor Tecar Therapy stimulates and regulates a series of metabolic effects such as vascularization, reactivation of the lymphatic and venous systems, and the increase of tissue trophism. With this action, Doctor Tecar Therapy allows a reduction in fat accumulation, improving muscle tone, increasing tissue retraction, improving lymphatic peristalsis and diminishing blemishes connected to cellulite. Doctor Tecar Therapy, in synergy with a healthy lifestyle and correct diet, is an effective tool for body shaping.
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