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Tecar therapy: Manual static application

Manual static application

Manual static application is particularly useful when tecar energy needs to be transferred in a concentrated, selective mode to a specific part of the body. Once the electrode is positioned, it is possible to deliver tecar energy towards soft tissues with high liquid content in capacitive mode, or towards harder tissues with lower liquid content, such as bone, cartilage, joints and major tendons using the resistive mode.
Tecar therapy: Manual static application with passive and active movement

Manual static application with passive and active movement

Manual static application can be combined with passive or active movements by the patient so as to improve the range of motion and muscular elasticity. By combining the energy of Doctor Tecar Therapy and isometric or isotonic muscular contractions, it is possible to concentrate the tecar energy in the contracted muscle so as to increase functionality. Tecar energy is concentrated in the contracted muscle, increasing blood flow, activating lymphatic peristalsis and increasing oxygenation and nutrient supply, thus facilitating improvement in muscular functionality and activity.
Tecar therapy: Dynamic manual application

Dynamic manual application

Thanks to dynamic manual application, the operator can increase the effect of manual therapy by using tecar energy. By defining the position of the electrode it is possible to deliver tecar energy, together with massage and manual therapy, to the soft tissues with high liquid content using the capacitive mode, or deliver energy to the hard tissues with lower water content such as bone, cartilage, joints and major tendons using the resistive mode. Thanks to the adhesive electrodes and the set of flat and convex applicators of varying sizes, manual application becomes even more effective and high-performance. With dynamic manual application the combination of manual therapy and Doctor Tecar Therapy current allows the therapeutic effect to be improved - increasing blood flow, oxygenation, and the supply of nutrients to tissues.
Tecar therapy: Dynamic trigger point application

Dynamic trigger point application

If opportunely applied, manual dynamic application allows effective treatment of trigger points. To maximize effects and eliminate trigger points quickly, it is possible to use the small size applicators - either flat, or better still convex, to combine massage and tecar energy from Doctor Tecar Therapy with effective pressure in the area of the trigger point. Direct action on the trigger point of tecar energy, in combination with massage, promotes rapid vascularization of connective tissue and ischaemic tissue, allowing trigger points to be eliminated effectively.
Tecar therapy: Manual application with dynamic electrode

Manual application with dynamic electrode

With this particular manual application the electrode is substituted by a second handpiece which can be moved during therapy, rather than being a fixed point. During the application with the dynamic electrode, the operator has two handpieces, which allows the tecar energy to be concentrated, depending on their position. With this application method the operator has total control of the tecar energy, allowing them to selectively concentrate and focus on particular areas of the body. Treatment is fast, focused and high-performance.
Tecar therapy: Automatic application with active manipulation

Automatic application with active manipulation

The automatic mode is operator independent and implemented using the Doctor Tecar AVx device. It allows the patient to be treated in total autonomy, guaranteeing total safety with the patient safety button. As well as the obvious advantage of being operator Independent, this application mode allows the operator to carry out manipulation during the automatic Doctor Tecar Therapy treatment. Thanks to the possibility of manipulating the tissues during the treatment, the operator can, for example, carry out passive stretching exercises to increase the range of motion of the part treated.
Tecar therapy: Double electrode automatic application

Double electrode automatic application

Doctor Tecar AVx allows treatment to be carried out in automatic and automatic pulsed modes, using two rigid or self adhesive plates - one as an active electrode and the other as a common electrode. Thanks to this application mode, it is possible to distribute tecar energy within the body, guaranteeing maximum safety thanks to the control system with modular energy release used in the Doctor Tecar Therapy automatic mode, and thanks to the safety button, which allows the patient to interrupt the treatment at any time.
Tecar therapy: Triax automatic application

Triax automatic application

Automatic Triax application is characterized by the use of the Triax cable with three independent electrodes as active electrodes, and a self adhesive or rigid plate in biocompatible steel as the common electrode. Automatic Triax application allows the three active electrodes to be positioned to replicate the movements of a handpiece in manual mode, and to cover complex shapes. Automatic Triax application can be used in capacitive, resistive and general-purpose emission, in both continuous and pulsed modes, so as to maximize results and therapeutic performance.
Tecar therapy: Automatic application with active movements

Automatic application with active movements

Thanks to the multi use accessory set and the innovative Triax cable, automatic and automatic pulsed application of Doctor Tecar AVx allows patients to be treated in dynamic mode, which allows the operator to concentrate on rehabilitative activity. The tecar energy of Doctor Tecar Therapy is concentrated in the desired area of the body, improving hyperaemia and increasing electrolyte flow and oxygenation. Thanks to this feature of automatic application, the operator can help the patient during proprioceptive exercises or during exercise aimed at improving range of motion, strength and muscle joint functionality.
Tecar therapy: Bipolar manual focused application

Bipolar manual focused application

With focused application with the bipolar handpiece, the two electrodes in contact with the patient, the common electrode plate, and the applicator are combined in a unique handpiece with a bipolar applicator. Thanks to the bipolar applicator, energy is concentrated in a selective mode in the surface areas allowing the use of lower power. The special feature of this application mode allows superficial effects to be maximized, bringing the benefits of Doctor Tecar Therapy to the wellness and aesthetic medicine sectors.
Tecar therapy: Vehiculation


With Doctor Tecar Therapy it is possible to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients through the skin. This therapy is known as transdermic vehiculation, and allows various pathologies to be treated. It is a non-invasive method, which is able to transport the active ingredient to depth passing through the barrier of the skin and reaching the cause of the problem. By using the active ingredient in a cream, together with the energy of Doctor Tecar, benefits are transported to depth, reducing the quantity needed because of greater absorption. Fast action, smaller quantities, greater concentration of active ingredients, return of movement and functionality in short times and fast high-performance improvement in chronic pathologies are just some features offered by the Doctor Tecar AVx module.
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