Doctor Tecar Therapy: Biostimulant Effect

Biostimulant Effect

The correct dose of energy delivered by Doctor Tecar Therapy generates, within the tissues, the phenomena of polarization of cellular membranes. The resultant flow of electrolytes facilitates trans-membrane exchange in the cell, rebalancing the intra-and extra cellular matrix and reactivating metabolic processes.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Analgesic effect

Analgesic effect

The correct dose of energy delivered to the tissues by Doctor Tecar therapy interacts with the peripheral nervous system. Hyper polarization of fast fibres, generated by the rapid oscillation of the magnetic field, inhibits the passage of pain signals. This leads to a progressive regression of symptoms and a return of the sense of well-being for the patient.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Anti-inflammatory effect

Anti-inflammatory effect

The controlled action of Doctor Tecar Therapy, using the bio transfer algorithm, allows dosage of energy so that the natural thermal state of the tissues can generate, through controlled vasodilation, a rinsing of inflammatory metabolites from the affected area.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Anti-Edema effect

Anti-Edema effect

The controlled transfer of energy through tissues causes, due to natural polarization and resistance phenomena, the generation of endothermic and exothermic heat. The localized increase in temperature of tissues stimulates the circulation through thermo regulation. The immediate effect of this is strong vascularization and vasodilation in the ischaemic areas, which causes and an immediate increase in lymphatic mobility.
Doctor Tecar Therapy: Decontracting effect

Decontracting effect

The passage of energy through tissues and the consequent electrolytic flow causes a localized increase in temperature. The resulting vasodilation leads to increased hematic flow. Areas with poor blood flow, due to contracture or muscular fibrosis, benefit immediately as the presence of arterial blood guarantees increased muscular oxygenation.
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