MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Sport
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Pain therapy

Pain therapy

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy is able to create a rapid decrease in articular and muscular pain through the emission of Stochasic E²C Energy (Energy emission control). This exclusive emission mode interacts with the peripheral nervous system. It works in a ‘naturally thermal’ state, through a photo - mechanical interaction which allows fast depolarization of nocicepters - in this way the pain signal is blocked using the Gate Control phenomena, delivering a reduction in pain from the very first application.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Traumatology


MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy is of fundamental importance for perfect post trauma recovery. The ability to modulate emission according to the desired physiological effect allows the methods to be applied in numerous pathological circumstances. The choice of the emission mode allows the activation of cellular repair processes and fast reduction in pain, so was to allow recovery of articular function.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Injury prevention

Injury prevention

Experience gained with sports people at the highest level has shown that, if the athlete is treated with MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy before taking part in sport, the muscular-skeletal structures are vascularised and perfectly oxygenated, thus favouring athletic performance, while reducing the danger of micro-lesions which can hamper performance.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Accelerated physical recovery

Accelerated physical recovery

Competitive activity by high-level athletes always needs, especially after an injury, fast physical recovery and a speedy return to competitive performance. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, thanks to its flexible and effective emission modes, allows the therapy to be personalized to meet the needs of the individual athlete, whether professional or amateur. The latter, due to sometimes inadequate preparation, can suffer serious injury. Thanks to MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, it is possible to speed up physical recovery, obtaining fast, complete recovery from an injury, without side-effects.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Rapid elimination of edema

Rapid elimination of edema

Thanks to its multi-mode admission and multiple possible configurations, MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows the therapy to be set according to the characteristics of the patients and their particular pathology. The anti-edema action of MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows a vaso-motor effect to be obtained which causes the activation of lymphatic peristalsis, the activation of microcirculation and the consequent reduction of post-trauma edema.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Muscular injury

Muscular injury

Biostimulation of tissues after a muscular injury is characterized by the drainage of metabolites from inflammatory processes, the control of exudate proteins and cellular recomposition for fast recovery of the continuity of muscular fibres. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, with the therapeutic action of various wavelengths, is able to transfer the correct dose of energy to the different target tissues using selective emission mode.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Acute pathologies

Acute pathologies

In the acute phase of a pathology, MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy modulates the inflammatory effects by stimulating deep tissues. This stimulation causes powerful vasodilation, which leads to oxygenation of the area which suffered the trauma quickly, re-establishing metabolic activities in the damaged tissues.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Tendinopathy


The tendons which are most commonly subjected to mechanical stress are those which are positioned in correspondence with the muscular groups which work the most often used joints. The harmony between agonist and antagonists muscles generates stress on the whole muscle chain. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy resets the correct balance of muscular force through complete, deep oxygenation of muscle bundles. The elimination of all muscular tension, combined with a bio stimulant action on the miotendinal connections, allow tendinopathy to be treated quickly and effectively, helping complete recovery of articular function.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Physiological accelerator

Physiological accelerator

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy is a powerful biological accelerator. By setting energetic doses and emission modes according to the condition of the pathology of the patient, it is possible to achieve the correct bio-stimulant effect, thus reducing healing times - for a stable and complete recovery, without side-effects.


MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Rehabilitation
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Pain therapy

Pain therapy

Pain is one of the main reasons for patients to visit the doctor. The relief of pain increases quality of life and allows operators to adopt a natural approach to the rehabilitation process, which is comfortable for the patient. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, with its patented Stochasic E²C emission, interacts with the peripheral nervous system to reduce the pain signal, offering immediate pain relief to patients from the very first treatment.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Acute and chronic pathologies

Acute and chronic pathologies

Thanks to the flexible high-performance multi-mode emission, together with a mix of wavelengths, MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows the selective stimulation of specific target tissues, re-establishing the correct neuromuscular function to resolve both acute and chronic pathologies completely, harmoniously and permanently.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Improved mobility

Improved mobility

The primary objective of rehabilitation activities on the muscular-skeletal system is the recovery of freedom of movement of each individual joint. In order to reach this goal it is necessary to firstly re-establish the biological integrity of the joint and the muscle groups which surround it, and then improve its biomechanical function. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, with its exclusive emission modes (CW, E²C, AntInf, Custom, Pulsed and Super Pulsed) and its wide range of power settings, allows the selection of the target tissue, the energy dose and the depth of action – for a result which respects articular integrity and muscular equilibrium, while returning power and harmony to movement.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Traumatology


Post trauma rehabilitation can be greatly helped by using MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy. This method allows modulation of the emission in terms of power, frequency and duration of the impulse, according to the required physiological effect. This allows the methods to be applied in numerous pathological circumstances. The correct dose of energy transmitted allows the activation of cellular repair processes and the rapid reduction of pain, to return correct articular function and facilitate total recovery without side-effects.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Rheumatology


Chronic pathologies are often accompanied by rheumatic processes which affect the motor apparatus. These processes often take the form of inflammation of connective tissues, of joints, and of tendons. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows the modulation of inflammatory processes at the sinovial membrane using the effective poli-modal emissions (E²C, AntInf, Custom, etc…), which also cause an analgesic draining action, with the therapeutic objective of reducing pain and returning functional autonomy to the patient.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Repair and regeneration of tissues

Repair and regeneration of tissues

Trauma to the locomotor system is often accompanied by muscular and tendon damage. Cellular repair processes are the first step in the treatment of these injuries. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, with its high energy, controlled, multi-mode emission, allows the bio-modulation of tissues for correct cellular recomposition, and stimulates processes of proliferation which rapidly re-establish complete functionality to damaged cells, rebalancing the extra and intra cellular matrix.


MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Podiatry
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Onychomycosis


MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy offers treatment of onychomycosis which is side-effect and drug free, as well as being fast and effective. Thanks to MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy it is easy to perform procedures to safely kill parasitic fungi which have infected a patient’s nail. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy guarantees quick recovery times and effective treatment with great patient satisfaction.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Warts


The deep and selective laser light absorption of MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy induces coagulation of blood vessels feeding the wart, causing subsequent necrosis. Thanks to the MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy multi-mode emission and its special wart applicator, anesthesia is not required and it is not necessary to remove any extra tissue or special post-procedure skin care.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Ulcers


MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows fast and safe treatment of vascular ulcers, diabetic ulcers, injuries, wounds and perilesional points. The best therapeutic compliance is achieved with the innovative technology at 2000mW, 650nm.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Vascular and malleolar ulcers

Vascular and malleolar ulcers

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy is also recommended for the treatment of vascular and malleolar ulcers, thanks to its initiative 200 mW 650 nm technology.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Foot pathologies

Foot pathologies

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, thanks to its seven configurable emission modes and the high intensity and adaptability of the therapy, allows the most common foot pathologies to be treated: Metatarsalgia, Hallux valgus-bursitis, Ankle sprain, Plantar Fasciitis, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Arthritis-Osteoarthritis, Interdigital neuritis, Heel spur, Achilles tendonitis Morton’s neuroma, Post-sprain Edema, Diabetic neuropathy, Tibia-tarsal Distortion.


MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: pdt
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: PDT, Photo dynamic therapy

PDT: Photo dynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a veterinary and medical therapy used to treat a variety of conditions. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy can be used to either inhibit or stimulate cells directly or to affect a drug injected into the body, creating a reaction to help the patient’s treatment. iLux RED, thanks to its high power adjustable from 0 to 2000mW with 100mW steps, and its multi-mode emission, is a flexible and powerful ally in photo dynamic therapy.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Oral Mucositis

Oral Mucositis

Many pieces of scientific researches have been published in recent years that show that Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has some preventive and curative effects against oral mucositis. MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, in particular iLux RED, thanks to the high power multi-mode emission, increases the therapeutic result of the laser against oral mucositis.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Ulcers, injuries and lesions

Ulcers, injuries and lesions

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy can be used with extremely successful results for the treatment of ulcers, injuries and lesions, thanks to increased production of ATP, the activation of microcirculation, and the creation of new blood vessels. The treatment increases the production of ATP, leading to increased mitotic activity and an increase in mitochondrial protein synthesis, leading to increased regeneration of tissues during the healing process. The treatment also reactivates microcirculation, increasing the generation of nutritional elements associated with accelerated mitosis, facilitating cellular reproduction. The creation of new blood vessels from preexistant ones accelerates healing of the wound.
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