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MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Static Automatic ScanX Application

Static Automatic ScanX Application

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy, thanks to automatic static application, becomes even more effective and flexible, transforming into an operator-independent therapy system. The ScanX module features a dedicated pathology library with over 60 pathologies and relative interactive protocols, divided by phase. The ScanX applicator is made of a special biocompatible material which is perfectly tolerable by the patient. Furthermore the ScanX Mode features the possibility of the patient interrupting the therapy at any point during treatment, thanks to the innovative and practical safety button.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Manual static application

Manual static application

With MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy it is possible to treat specific target tissues in order to transfer the correct dose of energy. Manual static application is excellent for the treatment of trigger points, neuro lymphatic points, and for the localized administration of laser energy.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Manual dynamic application

Manual dynamic application

Manual dynamic application allows MultiMode HEL Triax Lasertherapy to be used on large and small areas of the body, delivering the correct dose of energy. Thanks to the manual dynamic applicator, MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows energy to be administered following the direction of muscle bundles and distributing the energy correctly throughout the area to be treated.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Analgesic E²C Application

Analgesic E²C Application

The treatment of painful parts of the body is now faster, easier and more effective thanks to analgesic E²C application. Thanks to the patented stochastic E²C Mode, in combination with the small applicator or the spheric applicator used with a slow spiral movements on the painful area, it is possible to reduce peripheral pain quickly and effectively.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Manual application with spheric applicator

Manual application with spheric applicator

MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy has become even more effective thanks to the spheric applicator. With its convex shape the spheric applicator allows the potential of MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy to be further increased, allowing the treatment of complex areas of the human body such as the popliteal fossa, and allows light pressure to be exerted during treatment, allowing tissue massage and reducing the distance to the target tissues, further helping the treatment of trigger points.
MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy: Treatment of trigger points

Treatment of trigger points

The treatment of Trigger Points is often useful to reduce painful symptoms and initiate the correct rehabilitation process. Thanks to the large number of applicators and the high-performance flexible multi-mode emission system, MultiMode HEL Lasertherapy allows trigger points to be treated in just a few minutes.
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