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Shockwave Therapy: Static application

Static application

Thanks to static application of PulsWave Shockwave Therapy, it is possible to treat specific target tissues, transferring energy of the pressure wave in a concentrated and selective manner. In particular, static application is excellent for the treatment of trigger points and specific pain areas. Thanks to the large energy range of the impulse from 50 mJ to 200 mJ, and thanks to the wide frequency range (1 Hz - 25 Hz) and the emission mode, static application becomes even more high-performance and effective.
Shockwave Therapy: Dynamic application

Dynamic application

Dynamic application allows the use of treatments using PulsWave shockwaves on large and small areas of the body, to stimulate the tissues. Thanks to dynamic application, PulsWave Shockwave Therapy allows the delivery of pressure energy following muscle bundles and distributing energy in the correct way across the whole area to be treated. Thanks to the innovative Ultra Soft Pulse, it is possible to significantly reduce the pain associated with this type of therapy. By using the innovative Ultra Soft Pulse, therapeutic performance and compliance of the dynamic application are improved, even when using high levels of energy.
Shockwave Therapy: Focused application

Focused application

By using the small applicator it is possible to concentrate the pressure impulse, increasing the energetic density, and focusing the action of the PulsWave Shockwave Therapy. The focused application of the PulsWave Shockwave Therapy allows the energy to be concentrated on the area to be treated, while by regulating the intensity of the energy of the pressure wave, it is possible to selectively modulate the therapy.
Shockwave Therapy: SWING mode application

SWING mode application

Swing mode application uses the innovative Swing mode of PulsWave, which allows multi-frequency shockwave treatments to be created. This innovative emission mode allows the range of applications of PulsWave therapy to be expanded, allowing modulation of the pressure impulse frequency during the therapy. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of selecting from three different frequency variation modes, and thanks to the possibility of adjusting the impulse frequency permanence time, the Swing mode becomes an irreplaceable ally in day-to-day practice, and a powerful tool to reduce pain and start an effective rehabilitation process.
Shockwave Therapy: Vibrations


Vibrations are a useful high-performance method to reduce muscular tensions and eliminate trigger points. Vibration therapy increases blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the extracellular matrix of connective tissue, stimulating metabolic activity. Thanks to the possibility of selecting high working frequency of up to 25 Hz with pressure impulse energy from 50 mJ to 200 mJ, it is possible to expand the application mode of PulsWave Shockwave Therapy, making PulsWave an excellent tool for vibration therapy. Thanks to this application mode, PulsWave Shockwave Therapy allows stimulation and acceleration of metabolic activity, increasing microcirculation and lymphatic activity to eliminate adhesions, muscular tension and trigger points, allowing relaxation of muscles and connective tissue.
Shockwave Therapy: Fascia manipulation

Fascia manipulation

The fascia is a membrane which covers the whole body immediately below the skin, the manipulation of the fascia plays an important role in the recovery of mobility and functionality, as well as pain reduction. Thanks to the applicator sets and the special silicone end pieces, PulsWave Shockwave Therapy is a high-performance tool for the treatment of the fascia, which amplifies the effects of traditional techniques, loosening thickened areas and reducing pain.
Shockwave Therapy: Treatment of trigger points

Treatment of trigger points

The treatment of trigger points is often useful to reduce painful symptoms and activates the correct rehabilitative process. Thanks to the various applicators, the wide range of energies and impulse frequencies, and to the high-performance flexible emission modes, PulsWave Shockwave Therapy is an important ally in the treatment of trigger points, allowing them to be eliminated in a few minutes.
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