Shockwave therapy:
how does it work?

Shockwave Therapy is a new, non-invasive therapy which is extremely effective in a variety of pathological situations.
Shockwave Therapy: Shockwave therapy, how does it work?


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Application mode

360° rehabilitation

PulsWave Shockwave Therapy features a wide range of settings and personalisations.
The correct therapy for all your needs.
Biological effects


Shockwave Therapy allows a range of biological effects to be achieved. Visit the dedicated section to see the effects of this extremely effective therapy.
My experience in daily use of shock wave therapy is really positive. It's one of the most physical threapy I use, with great results especially in musculoskeletal and osteoarticular pathologies. It can't miss beside a good physiotherapist.
Davide Fiorendi, Physiotherapist
Shockwave Therapy: Davide Fiorendi, Physiotherapist

The Shockwave Therapy device

Thanks to analyzed studies and scientific researches, Mectronic presents the innovative technology for the shockwave therapy, a device never seen before:
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What is the difference between radial pneumatic shockwave and PulsWave?
Both radial pneumatic shockwaves and PulsWave are radial shockwave therapies which can be successfully used in the fields of rehabilitation, sports medicine and physiotherapy. As opposed to radial pneumatic shockwaves, PulsWave Shockwave Therapy generates unique, innovative, high energy acoustic waves using a projectile which is five times heavier than standard systems with compressed air and reduced final impact speed with the applicator. Thanks to a longer impulse upwards time, it is possible to generate the same energy while avoiding annoying pressure peaks. The lower pressure peak and the increased impulse upwards time allows the unpleasant sensation and pain normally associated with this type of therapy to be reduced. Thanks to the innovative Ultra Soft Pulse, therapeutic performance and compliance are improved even at high energy levels.
Are PulsWave shockwaves painful?
Shockwave Therapy is less comfortable than other treatments. It is possible to feel a slightly annoying sensation during treatment, depending on the level of pain that the patient is experiencing in the area treated. Every PulsWave device generates unique and innovative shock wave impulses which reduce discomfort and pain normally associated with this type of therapy, thanks to the lower peak pressure and greater impulse upwards time.
Is it possible to feel pain after the treatment?
Most patients experience immediate pain relief after treatment. However, within 2 to 4 hours after the treatment, pain may be experienced in the treated area. This pain is described as tolerable and non-limiting.
How many PulsWave shockwave treatments are necessary?
The number of treatments firstly depends upon the pathological condition of the patient, and how the patient reacts to the therapy. For some acute pathologies, 2 to 4 treatments may be sufficient, while for chronic pathologies a greater number of treatments may be necessary. In any case it is normal to perceive a reduction in pain from the first treatment. Obviously correct diagnosis and a suitable protocol is required to optimize therapeutic results.
How frequently can patients be treated?
Normally patients can be treated 2 to 5 times with a spacing of 3-8 days, depending on the tolerance of the patient and the results. In accordance with the state of the pathology, the professional therapist can define the best therapeutic protocol to treat the patient.
Has the efficacy of PulsWave been proved by scientific tests?
Yes. There are many scientific studies which demonstrate the efficacy of Shockwave Therapy. In the Scientific Research section of this site it is possible to see the abstract from a scientific paper produced using PulsWave therapy.
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