THEAL THERAPY: Pain therapy

Pain therapy

THEAL Therapy is an advanced therapeutic method which is innovative and patented, and allows the elimination of pain effectively, rapidly and safely. Pain is the main reason why athletes seek medical help. The removal of pain increases the quality of life and allows operators to take a natural approach to rehabilitation, which makes treatment more comfortable for the patient. THEAL Therapy, with its patented stochastic E²C emission mode, together with a custom wavelength mix, interacts with the peripheral nervous system, reducing pain signals and offering the patient immediate relief from the first treatment. With its patented thermal tissue control system, THEAL Therapy allows interaction with the peripheral nervous system in an optimal and naturally thermal manner, to quickly relieve pain.
THEAL THERAPY: Traumatology


An acute traumatic event or overload involves all the ligament structures such as tendons and muscles. THEAL Therapy is a fundamental tool for perfect post trauma recovery. The possibility of modulating emission according to the required physiological effect allows application of the THEAL methodology in a variety of pathological circumstances. The choice of multimode emission, together with a selection of wavelength mixes allows the activation of cellular repair processes and rapid reduction in pain, in order to recover correct joint function. THEAL Therapy is the evolution of phototherapy and laser therapy. Balanced multimode emissions, selective dosing of energy, total control of the mix of wavelengths and the thermal control of tissues are essential characteristics for a focused, complete, safe and effective therapy which allows treatment of post-traumatic pathologies. THEAL Therapy is an irreplaceable ally in post trauma therapy.
THEAL THERAPY: Accident prevention

Accident prevention

The ever deeper knowledge of mechanisms connected to injury highlights the delicate balance in the musculoskeletal system when it is subjected to stress and overload. Competitive sport and sporting activity at a high level excerts physical stress which tests the locomotor system. THEAL Therapy, with multimode emission with selective energy, ensures the elasticity of tendons, the deep oxygenation of muscles, and the integrity of complex articular systems so as to reduce to the minimum the danger of injury which can stop sporting activity and performance.
THEAL THERAPY: Accelerating physical recovery

Accelerating physical recovery

Accelerating physical recovery in order to return to sporting activity as soon as possible, in total safety without annoying relapses, is a priority for both professional and amateur athletes. THEAL Therapy, thanks to its patented multimode emission, and the custom wavelength mix, allows therapies to be personalized, delivering energy selectively throughout the rehabilitation process. The thermal tissue sensor and the set of patented applicators allows the method to be optimized for the specific patient and the specific pathology. THEAL Therapy is an innovative, adaptive method which allows physical recovery to be exhelerated, guaranteeing fast healing without side-effects.
THEAL THERAPY: Fast elimination of edemas

Fast elimination of edemas

Edemas which accompany traumatic events and which accumulate in tissues are potential sources of complications. As well as weakening muscles after the painful acute phase, they can cause chronic inflammation, muscular fibrotization and, in the worst cases, ossification. Drainage of catabolites which result from traumas is therefore of fundamental importance. THEAL Therapy causes a vasomotor action and activates peripheral microcirculation, thanks to its multimode emission with custom mix of wavelengths and tissue thermal control which causes a mechanical thermal action and vasodilation in tissues, causing rapid and definitive drainage of waste products from cellular recomposition processes, which allows edemas to be eliminated quickly, safely and effectively.
THEAL THERAPY: Physiological accelerator

Physiological accelerator

THEAL Therapy it Is a powerful physiological accelerator, which accelerates the natural regeneration of biological tissues. Thanks to the powerful synergy between patented multi-mode emissions and the customizable mix of wavelengths, THEAL Therapy modulates the processes of cellular repair by providing the correct dose of energy in the correct position. THEAL Therapy, through the focused, selective administration of energy, reduces cellular deficits, supporting metabolic processes for rapid stabilization of the intra-and extra cellular equilibria which guarantee the integrity of the cell and all its processes, reducing recovery times for stable, complete healing without side-effects.
THEAL THERAPY: Muscular lesions

Muscular lesions

THEAL Therapy is an innovative, patented method which allows muscular lesions to be treated quickly, safely and effectively. The biological repair times for a muscular lesion depend upon the severity of the injury. The modulation of inflammatory effects, biostimulation of tissues, and drainage of edema are actions of primary importance for the recomposition of muscular lesions. In these circumstances THEAL Therapy acts as a source of measured and focused energy which guarantees that every phase progresses well. Constant control of tissue temperature, patented multimode emissions and the adjustable mix of wavelengths, depending on the target tissues involved, all allow modulation of the phases of cellular recomposition. This bio modulation allows the danger of fibrosis or, even worse, muscular ossification to be eliminated, guaranteeing muscle fibres return to their original elasticity to return correct joint functionality.
THEAL THERAPY: Acute pathologies

Acute pathologies

The patented THEAL Therapy method proves to be greatly effective when treating acute pathologies. In this therapeutic phase tissues organize themselves to activate cellular recomposition. THEAL Therapy, thanks to its patented multimode emission and its custom wavelength mix, quickly reduces pain and stimulates repair processes to recover correct joint function and heal without side-effects. THEAL Therapy delivers energy to biological tissues in an optimal manner, thanks to its thermal control characteristics and the set of patented applicators. Thanks to this fundamental feature, THEAL Therapy optimizes the therapeutic method and all mechanisms which support biostimulation, guaranteeing fast, safe functional recovery, without side-effects.
THEAL THERAPY: Tendinopathy


In a sporting context, functional overload of joints which are under abnormal mechanical stress can lead to tendinopathy, which is accompanied by a acute inflammation. The altered biomechanical characteristics of the movement generate a problem for the whole muscle chain. THEAL Therapy, thanks to its multimode emission and the custom mix of wavelengths, resets the correct balance of muscular forces through deep, complete oxygenation of muscle bundles without increasing inflammation by using the patented thermal control system. The elimination of all muscular tensions, in combination with a biostimulant action on the myotendinous joints, allows tendinopathy to be treated rapidly and effectively, guaranteeing compleat return of joint movement. The combination of the two effects re-establishes the mechanical equilibria of agonist and antagonist muscles, eliminating overload and rapidly reducing the degenerative processes which affect tendons.


THEAL THERAPY: Rehabilitation
THEAL THERAPY: Pain therapy

Pain therapy

The rehabilitative pathway is almost always accompanied by pain, and pain is the main reason for visits to doctors. Eliminating pain inproves quality of life and is fundamental to start an efficient and comfortable rehabilitative process for the patient. THEAL Therapy is an advanced, patented method which allows pain to be eliminated very quickly, efficiently and safely, using the synergy between patented stochastic E²C, laser emission, a custom mix of wavelengths, and thermal control of tissues. The prolonged analgesic effect, without the use of any medicine, guarantees greater comfort for the patient and allows the rehabilitative process to start quickly.
THEAL THERAPY: Acute and chronic pathologies

Acute and chronic pathologies

THEAL Therapy allows safe and effective treatment of both acute and chronic pathologies. Whether treating a trauma in the acute phase or a degenerative process, the innovative, patented THEAL Therapy method allows effective treatment, respecting physiological processes. THEAL Therapy, thanks to the synergy of patented multimode emissions, custom mix of wavelengths, and tissue temperature control, is able to be adapted to any pathological situation - acting perfectly on all mechanisms, reducing pain, eliminating phlogosis and stimulating damaged myotendinal structures, aiding complete functional recovery without side-effects.
THEAL THERAPY: Increased mobility

Increased mobility

Recovery of Range Of Motion, while respecting the biomechanics of movement, is one of the primary therapeutic objectives of all rehabilitative processes. In order to reach this objective it is necessary to return biological integrity of the joint and the muscular groups which surround it, and then improve function and biomechanics of the joint. THEAL Therapy, thanks to the synergy of patented multimode emissions, custom mix of wavelengths, and tissue temperature control, allows gradual recovery of function, of muscle length, of joint angle and muscular strength – the foundations of controlled and coordinated movement.
THEAL THERAPY: Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

The inflammatory processes which often accompany the rehabilitative process cause the release of catabolic liquids in the joint, slowing the process of functional recovery. This hemolymphatic stasis complicates the rehabilitative process and requires rapid and effective drainage of excess liquid. THEAL Therapy, thanks to its patented multimode emissions, is able to deliver energy in a selected and targeted manner, increasing the speed with which catabolic liquids are collected, while reducing edema with a rapid analgesic effect, increasing microcirculation with a myorelaxant action on muscular fibres, returning their ability to contract and lengthen.
THEAL THERAPY: Traumatology


THEAL Therapy is a patented, advanced and flexible method which is particularly effective in post-trauma rehabilitation. The synergy of patented multimode emissions, custom mix of wavelengths, and tissue temperature control, allows the therapy to be modulated, administering the correct energetic dose. THEAL Therapy helps to reduce post-trauma edema quickly, reducing pain and stimulating repair processes to return correct joint function and allow complete recovery, without side-effects.
THEAL THERAPY: Rheumatology


Rheumatic pathologies affecting the locomotor system are most often encountered in the form of inflammatory processes of connective tissues, joints and tendons. THEAL Therapy modulates inflammatory processes at the synovial membrane, thanks to the synergy of patented multimode emissions, custom wavelength mix, and thermal control of tissues. THEAL Therapy also has an important analgesic draining action, with the therapeutic objective of reducing pain and returning functional autonomy to the patient.
THEAL THERAPY: Tissue repair and regeneration

Tissue repair and regeneration

THEAL Therapy supports and guides, through the release of biocompatible energy into tissues, the delicate metabolic process which is the foundation of cellular proliferation, so as to return complete functionality to damaged cells and to rebalance the extra and intracellular matrix. The processes of cellular repair are characterized by complex biochemical reactions which can take place only if enzymes are not disturbed by external factors. The dosage of energy transmitted is crucial in the phase following trauma, to stimulate the process of angiogenesis, which is the foundation of tissue regeneration, by guaranteeing correct oxygenation. Thanks to the synergy of patented multimodal emissions, custom wavelength mix and thermal control of tissues, THEAL Therapy allows energy to be delivered safely, selectively, and in a targeted manner, guaranteeing fast and effective tissue regeneration.


THEAL THERAPY: Onychomycosis


THEAL Therapy is extremely effective in the treatment of onychomycosis. Thanks to the variable focus applicator with integrated thermal sensor, and thanks to multimode emission, THEAL Therapy easily and safely eliminates parasites which infest toenails. THEAL Therapy guarantees faster recovery times and excellent patient satisfaction, allowing the therapy to be selectively adapted according to the patient and their pathological state.
THEAL THERAPY: Plantar warts

Plantar warts

THEAL Therapy allows annoying plantar warts to be removed quickly, safely and effectively. THEAL Therapy, thanks to the adaptive multi mode emission and the special focusing applicator, allows blood vessels supplying the verruca to be coagulated, causing necrosis of the warts. The treatments require no anaesthetic and are safe, effective and side-effect free. It is now possible to treat plantar warts effectively and quickly! Thanks to THEAL Therapy!
THEAL THERAPY: Diabetic ulcers

Diabetic ulcers

THEAL Therapy allows diabetic ulcers to be treated effectively, in total safety. Diabetic ulcers are long-term lesions which are difficult to heal spontaneously and can involve skin, subcutaneous and bone tissues. This debilitating pathology can be treated with THEAL Therapy. Scientific research has shown that laser light near invisible red (630 nm-650 nm) optimizes the treatment of ulcers and lesions. THEAL Therapy, with its multiple configurations, allows the emission of laser light at 650 nm with power up to 2000 mW. The high power of 650 nm laser radiation, together with multimode emission, allows diabetic ulcers to be treated quickly, safely and effectively, making THEAL Therapy a valuable ally in the treatment of this pathology.
THEAL THERAPY: Vascular malleolus ulcers

Vascular malleolus ulcers

Stasis vascular ulcers, infected or uninfected, normally located near the malleolus, can be treated quickly and in total safety using THEAL Therapy. The combination of multi mode emission and a custom mix of wavelengths which can maximize the 650 nm component, create an accurate method which is extremely effective in ulcer treatment, making THEAL Therapy and irreplaceable ally in the treatment of vascular malleolus ulcers. THEAL Therapy allows the delivery of laser light at 650 nm up to 2000 mW, maximizing therapeutic results for ulcers and lesions with this wavelength.
THEAL THERAPY: Foot pathologies

Foot pathologies

THEAL Therapy, thanks to the multimode adaptable emissions, with a custom mix of wavelengths (Lambda Mixer) allows most foot pathologies to be treated safely and effectively: metatarsalgia, hallux valgus bursitis, sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis and osteoarthritis, neuroma, foot spur, Achilles tendon, Morton’s neuroma, post sprain edema, diabetic neuropathy, tibia tarsus, sprains, etc.




THEAL Therapy, thanks to the set of patented applicators and the selective multimode emission, allows a variety of pathologies in the mouth to be treated. THEAL Therapy treatments are safe, painless, non aggressive, and allow rapid healing. THEAL Therapy, thanks to its bacteriacide power and biostimulant effect, allows the reduction of sub-gum bacteria. Multi-mode emission with custom wavelength mix allows rapid, efficient reduction in germs and bacteria in the root canal, thus avoiding painful infections. By decontaminating periodontal pockets, THEAL Therapy avoids complications which, in serious cases, can lead to the loss of the tooth. THEAL Therapy allows a mix of wavelengths to be selected, together with the emission mode, so as to maximize the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, to treat a range of conditions in the oral cavity such as herpes labialis, angular cheilitis, ulcers, ATM and leukoplakia. THEAL Therapy is an innovative patented method which, thanks to the set of patented applicators and selective multimodal omission with custom wavelength mix, allows fast and efficient treatment of mouth pathologies:

-) Herpes labialis
-) Angular cheilitis
-) Dental hygiene
-) Ulcers
-) Leukoplakia
-) Mouth therapy
-) ATM
-) Conservative therapy
-) Bactericide action




Thanks to THEAL Therapy it is now possible to undertake new therapeutic challenges. Pathologies which have neuropathic origins such as those of the spine all canalicular syndromes are no longer untreatable. Hernias and protrusions, and all problems which manifest due to nerve compression, can now be treated with success. Disc hernias are a pathology of the spinal column that cause pain which is often severe, and problems in day-to-day life due to limited mobility. Intervertebral disc hernias or disc hernia is the result of a dislocation followed by a release of the material normally contained within the spinal disc which causes space between the damaged fibre which comes into contact with the nerve structures contained in the spinal column roots and/or meninx. In a normal disc, the fibrous ring is a perfect means of containment of the nucleus pulp which is inside. Often the hernia is associated with a degeneration of the disc, which takes the form of rearrangement of its contents and change and damage to the disc fibre. Lumbar hernia causes pain in the lumbar region and often also in the legs. Thanks to its ability to selectively modulate laser energy, THEAL Therapy allows conservative treatment of disc hernias, giving immediate relief to the patient and allowing a rehabilitative process to be undertaken. The following scientific research has been published, validating the method:

“Temperature controlled high energy adjustable multi-mode emission laser therapy (THEAL) for the treatment of lower back pain: clinical efficacy and comparison of different wavelengths”
Notarnicola Angela, Covelli Ilaria, Fiore Alessandra, Fari Giacomo, Megna Marisa, Moretti Biagio (Bari)

This scientific research, carried out using 60 patients, showed THEAL Therapy to be extremely effective. By analyzing the level of pain using a VAS scale, together with Oswestry score, and a value on the Roland scale, before the treatment, at the end of a cycle of treatments, and after 1, 2 and 4 months, it was noted that THEAL Therapy is extremely effective in the treatment of disc hernias and lumbar pain. Pain reduced immediately from the first treatment and at the end of the cycle the benefits remain for months. THEAL Therapy is a valuable ally in the treatment of disc hernia pathologies and lumbar pain. Thanks to its innovative multimode emission, it allows immediate, effective and safe results to be obtained.


THEAL THERAPY: Ulcers and lesions

Ulcers and lesions

THEAL Therapy allows efficient and totally safe treatment of lesions, diabetic ulcers, and vascular ulcers - whether infected or not. These extremely debilitating pathologies can be treated with THEAL Therapy. Scientific research has shown that laser light in the near visible red range (630 nm-650 nm) optimizes the treatment of lesions and ulcers. THEAL Therapy, with its multiple configurations, includes the possibility of emitting laser light at 650 nm with a power of 2000 mW. The high-power laser radiation at 650 nm, together with multimode emission, allows the treatment of lesions and ulcers quickly, safely and effectively, making THEAL Therapy a valuable ally in the treatment of the following pathologies:

• Lesions
• Diabetic ulcers
• Vascular ulcers
• Decubitus ulcers and lesions
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