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THEAL THERAPY: Manual static application

Manual static application

Thanks to THEAL Therapy it is possible to treat specific target tissues, transferring the correct dose of energy. Manual static application is excellent for the treatment of trigger points, neuro lymphatic points and for precise delivery of laser energy. Thanks to THEAL Therapy, with its multiple possible configurations and set of applicators, manual static therapy is now more flexible, safer, more efficient and more effective.
THEAL THERAPY: Manual dynamic application

Manual dynamic application

Manual dynamic application allows the implementation of THEAL Therapy treatment on various areas of the human body, administering the correct dose of energy. Thanks to manual dynamic application, THEAL Therapy allows the delivery of energy following muscle bundles and distributing the energy in the correct way across the area of therapy. The large set of innovative applicators, together with the multiple power configurations, emission modes and wavelengths make THEAL Therapy even more effective with manual dynamic application.
THEAL THERAPY: Analgesic E²C application

Analgesic E²C application

Treating painful parts of the body is now faster, easier, and more effective, thanks to E²C analgesic application. Thanks to the patented E²C mode, in combination with the acupuncture applicator or with the small Spheric XP applicator, together with slow, spiral movement on the painful area, it is possible to quickly reduce the pain in the area.
THEAL THERAPY: Manual application using the Spheric XP applicator

Manual application using the Spheric XP applicator

THEAL Therapy is even more effective thanks to the Spheric XP applicator. With its convex shape, the Spheric XP applicator allows the potential of THEAL Therapy to be increased, treating complex areas of the human body and allowing light pressure to be applied during the treatment, massaging tissues, reducing the optical pathway to the target tissue, and perfecting treatment of trigger points.
THEAL THERAPY: Treatment of trigger points

Treatment of trigger points

The treatment of trigger points is often useful in reducing painful symptoms and starting the correct rehabilitative process. Thanks to the wide range of applicators, the thermal control, and the high-performance flexible multimode emission, THEAL Therapy is an important ally in the treatment of trigger points, allowing them to be eliminated in just a few minutes.
THEAL THERAPY: Temperature Controlled laser treatment

Temperature Controlled laser treatment

Thanks to the use of patented magnetic applicators with IR thermal sensors, THEAL Therapy allows the temperature of biological tissues to be monitored during the therapy to guarantee safe, effective treatment within suitable thermal limits, thus maximizing therapeutic results.


Thanks to the Spheric XP applicators, THEAL Therapy allows implementation of HELASTM (High Energy Laser Soft Tissue Manipulation). The Spheric XP applicators have been designed to exert pressure on biological tissues, and to exploit friction created during movement against tissues. The combination of friction, pressure and laser energy allows highly effective treatments of soft tissues and miofascial points, reinforcing and maximizing the results of manual therapies.
THEAL THERAPY: Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy

THEAL Therapy, thanks to its ability to deliver laser energy with very low-power, is the cross-over point between low level laser therapy and high level laser therapy. LLLT and high-intensity laser therapy come together in a unique high-performance innovative method: THEAL Therapy.


Thanks to the flexible and simple to use Aurix applicator, designed and patented by Mectronic, THEAL Therapy transforms into a powerful system for the treatment of acumassage points. THEAL Therapy expands fields of application, making the therapy safe, simple, efficient and effective from its very first use.
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