THEAL Therapy

Regenerative Photobiomodulation of Muscolo Skeletal Pathologies with Theal Therapy

30 March 2019

The course aims to illustrate the THEAL Therapy method developed by Mectronic Medicale.

Taking into consideration the growing needs in the field of medicine, which aim to reduce post-traumatic functional recovery times compatibly with biological reparative mechanisms, the course aims to provide the participants an updated overview of the continuously developing technological and methodological sector.
Rehabilitation protocols will be presented to define the correct approach to the THEAL Therapy method.
Saturday 30 March 2019
Bianucci S&C snc - Via Vecchia Pesciatina 178 - Lucca
09:00-09:15  Training beginning Doc. Citro Paolo
09:15-10:30 Regenerative Photobiostimulation through THEAL THERAPY Doc. Citro Paolo
10:30-11:30  Scientific and application references Doc. Angeletti Ingmar
11:30-13:00  Therapeutic protocol and practical section  Doc. Angeletti Ingmar
To take part in the training please communicate
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Tel. 0583 955481
Regenerative Photobiomodulation of Muscolo Skeletal Pathologies with Theal Therapy
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