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I recommend THEAL Therapy because it is painless, actually, it fights the pain!
Miriam Sylla, wing spiker of Foppapedretti Volley Bergamo and Italian National Volleyball team
THEAL Therapy activates Biostimulation in a completely new way, exploring all its possibilities. Power and application modes are totally customizable, allowing to apply THEAL biostimulation to all types of pathologies.
Philippe Lagarde, CEO of Lagarde Consultant, expert in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for more than 30 years
...a very advanced software is able to have the optimal dosimetry in each of this type of situation. The machine adapts itself to the individual player.
Michele Locatelli,
Physiotherapist of Atalanta BC
A recovery at 100%! I would recommend to everyone, especially in the sport sector, the THEAL Therapy laser because it is really excellent and you'll be satisfied!
Paola Cardullo,
Libero of Foppapedretti Volley Bergamo
The therapy adapts to the patient and not the patient to the therapy. Many pathologies, but a single solution that can adapt and take on them all.
Dott. Antonio Castelluzzo, Coordinator of scientific research and responsible for the formation of Mectronic
Thanks to some peculiarities of THEAL Therapy I am getting certainly better results compared to the past.
Daniele Checcarelli,
Physiatrist doctor
THEAL Therapy, thank to the possibility to mix the 4 different wavelengths, allows to obtain an excellent photochemical effect of tissue regeneration, essential for the heal of the skin ulcers.
Dr. Casale, Scientific Director of Habilita and manager of Fibromyalgia ambulatory Habilita Poliambulatorio San Marco Bergamo
Dott. Casale
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