PulsWave guarantees 5 milions shots

PulsWave provides excellent therapeutic results and rapid return on investment.

PulsWave is an advanced shockwave device that uses the MagPulse electromagnetic generator to emit radial shock waves with variable energy between 50mJ and 200mJ and a frequency range from 1Hz to 25Hz. Thanks to the wide range ofpulses and pulse energy, PulsWave stimulates and accelerates metabolic activity, making physical recovery faster.
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ultra soft pulse
The innovative Ultra Soft Pulse reduces the pressure peaks, avoiding the discomfort and pain normally associated with this therapy while maintaining the same amount of energy.

PulsWave has reached an important milestone. From today the number of guaranteed shots has been increased to 5 million.

PulsWave is therefore one of the most durable shockwave devices, delivering incredible results without any side effect and allowing a quick and safe return of the initial investment.

PulsWave is a light, safe, simple and effective device against pain, which guarantees patient satisfaction. What are you waiting for? Choose the best.

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