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Innovation is our mission, quality our priority.

From rehabilitation to physiotherapy, from pain management to sports medicine, from podiatry to veterinary medicine, our patented medical devices enable safe and effective pain reduction by adapting to every pathology and every patient.

For more than 40 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and patenting technologies to maximise therapeutic results and reduce muscle and joint pain quickly and without side effects, developing innovative technologies based on the know-how, scientific research and critical input of patients, healthcare professionals, universities and research centres.

Mectronic Medicale
The therapeutic result and the needs of the patient are the foundation of our work
Whether it is prevention, treatment from disease and injury, or improvement of physical performance, our goal is to improve the patient's life by creating solutions that remove pain and accelerate natural recovery. We do this by using the best technology, designing and building everything in-house to have maximum control over production processes and guarantee the highest quality standards.
Always aiming for the best is one of the secrets that has led us to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of physiotherapy and medical laser systems, guaranteeing safe and innovative therapies for the physical recovery of patients.
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Every day our devices are at your side to support you successfully in your daily work and in achieving your goals.

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Based on more than 40 years of know-how and more than 10 registered patents, we export our products to over 67 countries worldwide.
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The results in restoring the ideal physical condition are scientifically proven by research conducted at prestigious universities and research centres.