The solution to your needs in a simple, lightweight and portable device a device designed to follow you everywhere, taking the quality of Mectronic products with you

Compact, powerful and functional
iLUX SMART is an advanced laser therapy device, the result of more than 40 years of experience in the design of medical laser systems.
Although it is light, compact and easy to use, it delivers excellent performance, making it the perfect ally for any therapist who needs to have an intuitive and reliable device at his or her side in everyday work.
Select your Wavelenght
As with other high-end devices, you can choose between different wavelengths: iLux Smart allows you to select one of these wavelengths, depending on the therapy and the pathology you wish to treat.
650 nm
Absorbed mainly by melanin, with excellent energy exchange at surface and medium depth. Inhibits bacterial proliferation and promotes cell growth, enabling faster healing of wounds, sores and ulcers.
810 nm
Accelerates ATP production by activating the haemoglobin oxidative process.
The correct energy supply promotes regeneration of muscle and tendon tissue.
980 nm
Absorbed mainly by water, it optimises action on thermo- and mechanoreceptors.
With the E²C mode, it interacts well with the peripheral nervous system for a rapid antalgic effect, thanks also to Gate Control.
1064 nm
Highly directional, channels the right dose of energy onto the noxa, with excellent synergy between antalgic effect and control of inflammatory processes, as well as deep activation of metabolic processes.
Up to 15 W average power

iLux SMART is the device for MHEL Therapy with up to 15W of average power.

In this way, a high amount of energy can be transferred to bring the correct therapeutic dose even to deep pathologies.

10 Emission Modes
More than 40 years of collaboration with research centres, universities and specialists in the field have taught us to develop ever safer and better performing technologies. In addition to the classic modes of Mectronic devices (continuous, anti-inflammatory, pulsed, dimmer, HPM), the device features the innovative E²C emission mode characterised by a powerful antalgic effect.
Defeat pain, quickly
Mectronic's patented E²C stochastic emission allows you to generate laser pulses of variable power and duration, thus interacting in the best possible way with the peripheral nervous system and generating an important analgesic effect.
ScanX: full functionality, no compromise on safety
iLux Smart allows you to offer automatic treatments, without operator intervention, thanks to the ScanX module, which uses patented magnetic cones that can be activated by simply connecting the handpiece to the cone. ScanX, unlike a scanning laser, also allows you to perform orthogonal treatments even on large anatomical spots.
The module is equipped with a safety button that can be activated by the patient to interrupt therapy at any time during treatment.scanx
Caratteristiche Software
Therapy Management
The MecOS 5.0 OMNIA system, one of the most sophisticated software available on the market, thanks to its interactive touch-screen and 7" high resolution display, will guide you from the very first moment in managing your therapy in an intuitive and simple way, thus guaranteeing a practical and simple approach to one of the fundamental aspects of your business.
ScanX protocols
Protocols are available for pathologies, effects and non-localised pathologies both in manual mode (with the operator using the handpiece) and in automatic ScanX mode. For the latter mode, the system provides a large number of preset protocols.
Interactive Treatment Protocols
The device includes a collection of 90 interactive treatment protocols, designed according to the different tissue types, phototype and age of the patient.
The protocols are accompanied by images describing the planned treatments.
Protocols For Effects
iLux Smart provides specific treatment protocols for each of the 5 main effects of MHEL Therapy: biostimulating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and decontracting. ​​​​After choosing the modality, iLux Smart guides the operator in setting the most suitable treatment to achieve the chosen effect.
Advanced therapy management
M-Stylus, the ergonomics of small things 
The ultra-compact and ergonomic M-Stylus handpiece is equipped with innovative, patented magnetic technology and can be expanded with three different applicators. M-Stylus represents the essence of the laser therapy of the future.
You can choose from three available applicators.
Large SMART applicator
SMART applicator small
SMART spheric compact applicator

Why Mectronic's iLux SMART?

Products designed and manufactured in Italy ​​​​​ 

Sophisticated marketing tools to best present the device 

Continuous training opportunities to continue advancing your knowledge of laser therapy 

Excellent customer support and after-sales service ensures that your equipment is always in perfect working condition

Partnerships with various sports clubs 

Over 25.000 laser devices produced 
Technical Specifications

The SMART line is the perfect solution for the therapist who is looking for a device that is small in size, yet does not sacrifice the excellent performance and ease of use that characterise Mectronic devices.


In addition, it is possible to extend the functionality of the iLux Smart with the ScanX module and combine all the advantages of manual and automatic therapy in a single device.

Mectronic’s own MecOS 5.0 Real-Time Operating System
• 650 nm
• 810 nm
• 980 nm
• 1064 nm​
650 nm - up to 3 mW
Up to 15 W
• Continuous (CW)
• E²C (patented stochastic mode)
• Antinf
• Puls1, Puls2, Puls3
• Dimmer
• Joule
• Timer
• Trigger Point
Protocols to maximize the main effects:
• Biostimulant
• Analgesic
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-edema
• Decontracting
SCANX automatic mode (Optional)
Over 80 preset protocols
Display and acoustic control system for laser emission at handpiece exit according to IEC EN 60825-1
7” TFT IPS color display with capacitive touch screen
100÷240V 50÷60Hz
• Device: 295 x 265 x 147 mm
• With trolley: 516 x 516 x 1015 mm
• Device: 4 Kg
• With trolley: 23 Kg
1-1000 ms
• Device: IPX0
• Handpiece: IPX0
• Pneumatic footswitch: IPX4
• 0 ÷ 30°C
• 30 ÷ 75% non-condensing humidity
• 700 ÷ 1060 hPa
• -10 ÷ 55°C
• 10 ÷ 100% non-condensing humidity
• 500 ÷ 1060 hPa
Maximum permissible exposure on skin 5600W/m²
Maximum permissible exposure on cornea 9W/m²
Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance 2,4m
EN 60601-1; EN 60601-1-2; EN 60601-2-22
IIB Classification
2 Years
What do you think about iLux Smart?
In the daily laser therapy treatment of athletes, it is not always a matter of course to be able to have the patient available every day in one's own practice. That is why it is very important to be able to have laser devices such as the iLux SMART, which allow us to have high-power laser therapy with all the existing emission modalities but enclosed in a compact and easily transportable device!”
Dr. Matteo Annoni,
“ Surgeon and FMSI Adjunct Physician
"In recent years, muscle injuries have also been treated by us with MHEL laser therapy. It has been very important to treat our athletes both in our own premises and on numerous trips. This is why the size and portability of the iLux SMART device has been of great help to us. In a small space we have high-power laser technology at our disposal!"
“Often in the treatment of a specific pathology it is very useful to look for different effects through laser physical therapy. For example, for the treatment of tendinopathy of the Achilles it is important to seek the anti-inflammatory effect but also the decontracting and antalgic effect. With the iLux SMART laser device we have the possibility with a single device to trigger these different effects, and thanks to its compactness we can also take this innovative technology on the move in its dedicated transport kit.”
Physiotherapist Marco Frontaloni,
“ LUBE VOLLEY Physiotherapy Manager
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