THEAL THERAPY: A therapy for everyone!

Theal Therapy is a therapeutic method that extends the application possibilities of phototherapy and laser therapy.

To maximise therapeutic results in total safety.

14 selectable, patented and customisable modes.

Up to 6 different wavelengths can be combined.
Choose the flexibility of THEAL Therapy
The era of standardised rehabilitation therapies is over.
Fewer predefined applications and more choice for the practitioner: this is the secret of THEAL Therapy, the innovative therapeutic method that allows you to customise treatments with maximum flexibility by fully exploiting the photobiomodulation mechanism (PBM).
Why choose THEAL Therapy?
The fastest and most effective laser therapy to support physiotherapy
Because it suits the unique characteristics of the patient.
Because it allows a wide range of pathologies to be treated.
In short, because it works.

Scientific research speaks for itself: here are the numbers to prove it! 
Rapid pain relief
in 93% of cases
Clear overall improvement
in 97% of cases
Efficacy proven
by 19000 scientific articles
What are the effects of THEAL Therapy?
Stimulates fibroblast proliferation resulting in collagen production to rebalance the extracellular matrix and remodel tissue.
It rapidly reduces muscular, joint or neuropathic pain without side effects by optimising interaction with the peripheral nervous system.
Modulates inflammatory processes by triggering vasodilatation, increasing oxygen supply to the affected tissues and thus activating key metabolic activities.
Modulates the release of oxygen from oxygenated haemoglobin, resolving topical problems of ischaemia and hypoxia to promote muscle fibre relaxation.
Stimulates neo-angiogenesis and restores microcirculation by promoting the collection of excess fluid produced by inflammatory processes.
For which pathologies is THEAL Therapy recommended?
For all acute and chronic pathologies of the locomotor system, in particular:
THEAL is an effective and resolving therapy for many states of suffering of the nerve structures: inflammations, radiculopathies and herniated discs, in both acute and chronic conditions.
In the case of soft tissue, healing is just as important as healing earlier: THEAL treatments, through the mechanism of PBM, are ideal for counteracting the formation of scars and fibrotic tissue, avoiding dangerous relapses.
THEAL acts on inflammatory states with a rapid analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect: patients with injuries and tendon pathologies will appreciate this result and in many cases will be able to reduce or eliminate medication.
THEAL is used in the treatment of oedemas of surgical or traumatic origin: the laser light increases nitric oxide production in the tissues, promoting vasodilation and the rapid reabsorption of edema.
THEAL therapy makes it possible to optimise the PBM mechanism for tissue regeneration in pathological, post-operative and post-traumatic wounds. It is also possible to improve and resolve functional limitations generated by the presence of scars and keloids.
How does THEAL Therapy work?
Treating different pathologies of different patients with the same laser stimulus does not maximise therapeutic results.
Different patients with the same pathology should be treated with a different laser stimulus that takes into account their pathophysiological characteristics.
You can choose one of the predefined protocols or customise your therapy as you wish.
The power is in your hands: we do not impose predefined magic formulas on you, but give you the freedom to adapt your therapies to the individual treatment and patient characteristics.

The flexibility of the treatment options provided by THEAL means that you can also address uncommon pathologies or singular individual characteristics.

You can therefore adapt the pulse to maximise treatment results depending on the pathology and physical characteristics of the patient (age, phototype, somatotype, state of the pathology, level of pain), just as you can treat very different pathologies with a single device based on this technology.


THEAL therefore proves to be effective in patients with a very fair complexion but also in patients with skin covered in tattoos and, speaking of pathologies, allows you to intervene in the treatment of sores, nerve inflammations, oedemas but also diabetic foot or tinnitus.

What’s your opinion about THEAL Therapy?
For our athletes of the Italian Rowing Federation, THEAL Laser Therapy is particularly indicated. This technology, thanks to its continuous, pulsed and superpulsed emission characteristics, correct wavelengths and thermal control, allows us to have a great help in the treatment of our athletes' pathologies and in particular in the resolution of pathologies of the spinal column and shoulder area.”
Prof. Antonio Spataro,
“ Sports physician - president of the medical commission Italian Rowing Federation
For the treatment of muscular injuries in football players, an important therapeutic aid is THEAL laser therapy. This innovative laser therapy allows us to maximise the therapeutic action in the treatment of muscle and tendon tissue.”
"High-power laser therapy treatment of patients with a dark phototype or tattoos is very difficult and sometimes impossible. With THEAL laser therapy we have the solution to this problem: thanks to the vobulated thermal control function we can safely treat patients with a dark phototype or tattoos. In addition, the vobulated thermal control allows us to maximise the effects of THEAL Laser Therapy."
Physiotherapist Umberto Improta,
“ Head of physiotherapists first team Atalanta BC