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 Tradition and evolution of Shockwave Therapy
AMSW Therapy uses an electromagnetic generator to emit high-energy radial shock waves (50 mJ-200 mJ) with frequencies in the range 1 Hz-25 Hz.
By interacting with tissues, the radial shock waves of AMSW Therapy accelerate tissue regeneration and cell growth, relieving pain and restoring mobility.
In AMSW Therapy the kinetic energy of the projectile, created by the electromagnetic generator, is transferred to the handpiece applicator and then to the tissue.
The collision generates a shockwave that spreads out radially into the skin and the underlying first layer of tissue.
The energy of the pressure wave promotes the repair processes and regeneration of bones, tendons and soft tissue.
Ultra Soft Shot Technology 
The AMSW Therapy generates unique and innovative high-energy shockwaves using a projectile five times heavier than standard compressed air systems and a reduced final impact speed with the applicator.
Thanks to the longer pulse rise time, the same energy can be generated without annoying pressure peaks.
The lower peak pressure and longer pulse rising time reduce the discomfort and pain normally associated with this therapy.
SWING MODE: the evolution of AMSW Therapy
The innovative Swing mode enables shockwave treatment with pulse frequency and/or pulse energy that varies during treatment.
Thanks to the SWING mode, AMSW Therapy makes radial shockwave therapy even more effective by accelerating tissue regeneration, relieving pain and restoring mobility, adapting and modulating the therapy to the specific pathology and the specific patient.
AMSW Therapy effects
AMSW Therapy stimulates fibroblast proliferation, thereby producing collagen to rebalance the extracellular matrix and remodel tissues.
Thanks to the innovative Swing emission mode and the high-frequency Ultra Soft Shot technology, the AMSW modulates the energy by optimising the interaction with the peripheral nervous system to quickly fight and reduce muscle, joint and neuropathic pain.
Through deep biological stimulation of the tissues, AMSW modulates inflammatory processes, triggering vasodilation, increasing the oxygen supply to the affected tissues and thus activating key metabolic activities.
AMSW helps modulate the release of oxygen from oxygenated haemoglobin. By introducing oxygen into contracted muscle tissue, topical problems such as ischaemia and hypoxia can easily be resolved by promoting the relaxation of muscle fibres.
AMSW Therapy is able to stimulate the phenomenon of neoangiogenesis in tissues. The production of neovases rebalances the haemolymphatic peristalsis in the post-trauma period, thus favouring the restoration of microcirculation and the collection of excess fluid produced by inflammatory processes.
Treatable Diseases
  • Subacromial conflict
  • Tendinopathy
  • Calcified tendinopathy
  • Gonarthrosis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Calcaneal spine
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Calcified Achilles tendinopathy
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Contractures
  • Coxoarthrosis
  • Hip impigment
  • Glutalgia
Why choose  AMSW Therapy?
Because it is scientifically proven.
Because it is safe and effective.
Because it maximises key therapeutic effects.
Because it administers the correct therapeutic dose.
The numbers of AMSW Therapy 
Over 5000
  scientific research behind AMSW Therapy
Over 3000
treatments per day with Mectronic AMSW shockwaves
7 million

of therapy combinations


What do they say about AMSW Therapy?
" For some years now, the medical staff of the Italian Rowing Federation have been using shockwave therapy with the Pulswave PLUS device. This technology proves to be very effective, because through its application AMSW Therapy guarantees an excellent aid in the treatment of chronic pathologies of tendon structures, developing an important neoangiogenesis effect, the first stage of biostimulation, which is useful in resolving the pathological state.”
Prof. Antonio Spataro,
Sports physician - president of the medical commission Italian Rowing Federation