The innovation is PulsWave Plus, the advanced device for AMSW Therapy

Beyond the limits of Shockwave Therapy
PulsWave PLUS is the device that is revolutionizing shockwave therapy: based on electromagnetic technology, thanks to its lightness and compactness, high efficiency, wide adaptability and extraordinary safety, it will be your trusted companion, even in the most demanding treatments.
Wide range of frequency values and pulse energy

The innovative MAGPULSE system allows pulses to be generated at frequencies of up to 25 Hz with energy between 50 mJ and 200 mJ, thus providing broad therapeutic flexibility and high performance in a powerful, yet light and handy device. Our device, unlike most similar devices available on the market, can emit radial shockwaves with an energy of 200 mJ even at the highest frequency (25 Hz).

 Swing mode
The innovative Swing Mode enables the creation of a shockwave treatment with pulse frequency and/or pulse energy that varies during treatment.
The SWING mode of AMSW Therapy allows the PulsWave Plus device to offer radial shockwave therapies that can be adapted and modulated according to the specific pathology and unique characteristics of the patient, thus accelerating tissue regeneration, relieving pain and restoring mobility.
Ultra Soft Pulse

AMSW Therapy from PulsWave Plus generates high-energy shockwaves with unique and innovative features, using a projectile five times heavier than standard compressed air systems and a lower final impact speed with the applicator.

Thanks to a longer pulse rise time, the same energy can be generated without annoying pressure peaks.

The lower peak pressure and longer pulse rise time reduce the discomfort and pain normally associated with this therapy.

Thanks to the innovative Ultra Soft Pulse technology, performance and therapeutic compliance are improved even at high energy levels.

Therapy Management
The AMSW of PulsWave Plus allows for the effective treatment of various acute, subacute and chronic conditions: PulsWave Plus provides the therapist with a pathology library with more than 90 preset protocols, as well as the possibility to create their own customised protocols.
The library includes numerous pathologies and effects together with their interactive protocols divided into phases. The new MecOS 5.0 software also provides real-time graphic feedback, displaying energy, emission mode and number of shots generated by the device.  A dedicated protocol for each pathology, whether acute or chronic, can be found in the pathology library. Thanks to the 10.1" colour screen, the therapist can call up high-resolution images on the monitor that clearly illustrate how to intervene on the patient.
 Custom Protocols
PulsWave Plus allows you to create custom protocols with up to 5 different phases. Energy, frequency, emission mode and number of strokes can be set, ensuring reliability and precision from the very first use.
Tissue Target System 
PulsWave Plus features the innovative Tissue Target System, a system that allows the operator to set the therapy according to the type of tissue to be treated, the desired effect and the patient's characteristics. To optimise the therapy to the maximum, the operator can select six different types of tissue: epithelial, bone, muscle, tendon ligament, connective and nervous.

For each of these there are different effects that can be achieved on the patient, further optimised by setting parameters that define his or her characteristics, such as age and somatotype.

Again, the therapist is supported by graphic feedback that illustrates the treatment on the affected tissues.

Advanced Shock Blade Plus handpiece with MagPulse electromagnetic generator
PulsWave Plus features the Shock Blade Plus, an advanced handpiece complete with MagPulse electromagnetic generator. One-handed operation, unlike traditional handpieces that require both hands, allows the therapist to use their free hand to feel the treated tissue and directly and immediately assess its response to therapy.

6 mm Applicator

15 mm Applicator

24 m Applicator

Biocompatible silicone cap
Three different applicators are provided to modify the energy density and to achieve various levels of therapy focus. Finally, the supplied silicone caps allow for improved levels of therapeutic compliance.
MAGPULSE electromagnetic generator
The MagPulse system recognises the connection to the device and has an internal memory for collecting therapy parameters (number of shots and operating temperature). The system is guaranteed for two years or five million shots and therefore represents a quick and safe return on investment.
Why PulsWave Plus by Mectronic?
Products designed and manufactured in Italy
Advanced marketing tools to best present the device
Many education opportunities to continue advancing knowledge of AMSW Therapy
Excellent customer support and after-sales service ensures that your equipment is always in perfect working condition
Partnerships with several sports clubs
PulsWave Plus in figures
Over 3000 treatments
per day with PulsWave Plus AMSW shockwaves
7 million
therapeutic combinations
Up to 25 Hz
of working frequency
Over 10 years
of operability and reliability of the device
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Mectronic’s own MecOS 5.0 Real-Time Operating System
Shockwave device with electromagnetic generator
From 50 mJ (< 1 bar) to 200 mJ (> 5 bar) in steps of 10 mJ
1-25 Hz (with all energy levels)
• Continuous
• Burst
• Swing
Protocols to maximize the main effects:
• Bio-stimulant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Decontracting
• Anti-edema
• Analgesic
• Over 90 preset protocols
• Ability to create customized protocols
Ability to set the therapy according to the type of tissue to be treated, the desired effect and the characteristics of the patient
10.1” HD IPS color display with capacitive touch screen
100÷240V 50÷60Hz Fuses 2x2 AT
250 VA
• 0-30° C
• Relative humidity: between 30 and 75% non-condensing
• Pressure: between 700 and 1060 hPa
• -10° ÷ 55° C
• Relative humidity: between 10 and 100% non-condensing
• Pressure: between 500 and 1060 hPa
• Device: IP
• Handpiece: IPX0
• Pneumatic footswitch: IPX4
• Device: 295 x 265 x 150 mm
• With trolley: 516 x 516 x 1017 mm
• Device: 4 Kg
• With trolley: 24 Kg
• Handpiece: 0.9 Kg
2 Years / 5.000.000 shots guaranteed*
*Prior evaluation carried out by our service center
What do they say about Pulswave Plus?
“Over the years, we have had athletes who had to limit their training activities due to elbow or shoulder pathologies with pain and functional limitation. Certainly, I can say that the neoangiogenesis and tissue stimulation effect provided by the Pulswave PLUS shockwave device and the combination of the therapeutic action of THEAL laser therapy and AMSW shockwave therapy have helped us to speed up the resolution of such pathologies!”
Physiotherapist Carolina Martinelli,
“ Head Physiotherapist Italian Rowing Federation

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