Diabetic foot, the last frontier in non-invasive treatment is the new "Theal Therapy" Laser Therapy with modulated energy.

An increasingly widespread pathology that affects 300 thousand Italians and brings 7 thousand each year to the amputation of the lower limbs. To cure the diabetic foot comes Theal Therapy, the revolutionary laser technique made in Italy that will be presented Saturday in Lucca on the occasion of the conference "Diabetic foot, a paradigm of multidisciplinarity and multi-professionalism".


It causes narrowing of the arteries leading to the reduction of the blood supply to the lower limbs and the progressive dysfunction of the peripheral nerves. These are the main symptoms of the diabetic foot, an increasingly common pathology closely linked to diabetes mellitus. According to a survey of the Italian Diabetology Society, the diabetic foot affects 300 thousand Italians and forces 7 thousand a year to amputate their limbs. However, that's not all, because according to an American research conducted by the American Diabetes Association, diabetes affects 30 million people in the US and over 415 million worldwide. A negative condition that also affects the global economy: according to a research by the National Health Association in 2017, over 850 billion dollars were spent on diabetes care, of which 1 million dollars every 30 seconds for the diabetic foot. To best treat this disease comes Theal Therapy (Temperature controlled High Energy Adjustable multi-mode emission Laser), an innovative methodic that takes advantage of years of research, technology and innovation using laser therapy with thermo controlled and modulated energy. Mectronic, the made in Italy company, world market leader in the field of laser therapy, developed this technology that has set a new standard in the sector.




Piede diabetico, la cura con il laser
"The diabetic foot is an increasingly widespread disease which, if not treated optimally, can lead to the progressive loss of the lower limbs – explains Dr. Antonella Lapenna of Podoclinic, clinical podological center of Rome – For over a year I have been able to experience the therapeutic effects of Theal Therapy's modulated-energy and thermo-controlled laser light on most of my patients, 80% of whom suffer from diabetes. Thanks to the possibility of mixing four different wavelengths between them, laser therapy has proved extremely useful in preventing the amputation of the foot.



Piede diabetico e THEAL therapy
Obviously the treatment must be carried out on possibly uninfected and granuleous lesions, not forgetting to apply simple medications ". To explain in detail the characteristics of this pathology, Mectronic will be present at the conference "Diabetic foot, a paradigm of multidisciplinarity and multi-professionalism", scheduled for Saturday, September 28th in Lucca in Piazza del Collegio, 13. The purpose of the event is to implement and to structure the collaboration between local podiatrists and all the actors already involved in assisting diabetic patients according to the "community of practice" model, as medical specialists and nurses.