FDA-certified quality.

Mectronic obtains FDA certification for the US market.



The worldwide lasertherapy market will reach the value of almost 2 billion dollars by 2022, with an annual growth of 9.2% only in the USA. The protagonist of the trend is Mectronic, an Italian company leader in the production of lasers for medical and rehabilitation purpose, which aims to expand in this sector after obtaining the certification of the Food and Drug Administration for Tecar and Laser Therapy devices.




From skin and diabetic ulcers, to pathologies of the vertebral column such as hernias and lumbosciatic pains, up to injuries to the oral cavity and the most common joint and muscle pains, more and more diseases are treated with the help of laser devices and Tecar of latest generation.

This clinical scenario is confirmed by a recent research published by Reuters, according to which the worldwide laser therapy market will reach the estimated value of 1900 million dollars by 2022, with an annual growth of 9.2% in the American territory.

The United States is indeed the protagonist of this sector, given the high population of patients, government investments that supports research and development and the huge health expenditure: suffice it to say that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2016 this spending represented 18% of total GDP, equal to about 3.2 trillion dollars. Having assessed the possibilities of the enormous US market, Mectronic, an Italian company and excellence of Made in Italy, aimed and managed to obtain the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (the federal agency responsible for the control and supervision of food, healthcare and pharmaceutical products) for its Tecar and Laser Therapy devices.

Theal Therapy and Doctor Tecar are the flagship of this development project in the American market, which marks a new turning point for Mectronic's international expansion strategy. The products will be sold and distributed within the US market by the commercial partner Luna America, which will offer iLux XP, iLux Light and Doctor Tecar’s technologies on the American market.


"The achievement of the FDA certification is an important and further recognition for us for the great work carried out over the last few years regarding research and innovation in the field of technologies and innovation of therapeutic Tecar and Laser devices


- explained Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic -


We are so proud of having established a commercial partnership with Luna America, which will undertake to distribute our products, Made in Italy excellence, within the US market. Having the support of a reliable and highly experienced partner in the medical sector such as Luna America, which places patient care as a company mission, is a further added value that adds to the great potential of Theal Therapy and Doctor Tecar.

We can consider the two Mectronic therapies as the new flagships of the medical field, culmination after years of research and innovation, which guarantee a more effective therapy and a faster recovery of numerous pathologies that affect thousands of people all over the world every year ".



Mectronic: light years ahead.



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