Here comes Theal Therapy, the innovative Laser technique made in Italy for the treatment of diabetic ulcers.

Diabetes is one of the diseases with the most health complications and will be the seventh leading cause of mortality worldwide by 2030.


The fight against diabetic ulcers has a new ally made in Italy: the revolutionary technique developed by Mectronic, Theal Therapy, the latest-generation laser therapy that has set a new standard in the sector, is coming to the patient's rescue.


Diabetes is one of the diseases with more complications for the patient's health and will be the seventh major cause of mortality worldwide by 2030. This is the photograph taken by OMS who reveals how in 2016 were registered about 1.6 million of deaths, of which 18 thousands in Italy.

A debilitating disease that can lead the patient to face the so-called diabetic ulcers: continuous lesions difficult to heal, causing pain, infection and sometimes may lead to amputation of the affected limb. In aid to the patient comes a new and innovative cure: THEAL Therapy.

THEAL Therapy (Temperature controlled High Energy Adjustable multi-mode emission Laser) is the modulated energy and thermo-regulated lasertherapy, point of arrival after years of research, technology and innovation that has established a new standard in the sector, which is proposes as an aid to the patient affected by diabetic ulcers.

"The problem of ulcers and in particular of diabetic ulcers is extremely relevant.
- underlines Dr. Pier Carlo Bendandi, Specialist in Internal Medicine and c.t. of the Court of Ravenna-
In fact, the foot of Charcot, as it is called, has as its characteristic that it is not particularly painful and therefore makes the patient reach the doctor with an ulcer already open. The treatment with THEAL Therapy applied early has a regenerative tissue capacity that not only allows the closure of the ulcer but also and paradoxically much more important is able, in a significant number of patients, to restore the sensitivity pain: indispensable alarm bell"
Numerous scientific researches have shown the efficacy of laser light and in particular of laser light in the range 630nm – 670nm in the treatment of skin ulcers. THEAL Therapy, unlike other devices equipped with laser technology, allows you to provide 2W to 650nm and to mix other wavelengths such as 810nm, 980nm and 1064nm in order to personalize the therapy. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of modulating the emission and controlling thermally the temperature of the biological tissues during the therapy, it is possible to maximize the photochemical effect to promote and accelerate the tissue regeneration.THEAL Therapy is a fundamental ally in the treatment of skin ulcers and thanks to the ability to modulate the energy of light and to control it thermally, it allows to obtain excellent results also in treating multiple musculoskeletal pathologies.
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