Hockey, the partnership between Mectronic and the HCB Alto Adige Alperia kicks off.

The company from Grassobbio, leader in laser technology in the service of rehabilitation, has entered into an important collaboration with HCB Alto Adige Asperia, an award-winning sporting reality in the Alps and Italy's most successful hockey team. The purpose of this partnership is to prevent and treat players' injuries, improving their performance on the pitch and making healing times faster.

HCB e THEAL Therapy



Improve the state of physical and athletic preparation of the players with the help of the most advanced technologies in the field of medicine and physiotherapy and speed up injury recovery times. This was the goal that led Mectronic, a leading company in laser technology at the service of rehabilitation, to forge a partnership with the HCB Alto Adige Asperia, one of the most historic sports centers in the Alps, founded in Bolzano in 1933.

The ice hockey team has distinguished itself over the years by winning 19 championships, 3 Italian Cups, 4 Italian Super Cups, 1 Alpenliga, 1 Trofeo Sei Nazioni and 1 Coppa delle Alpi. However, that's not all, because HCB Alto Adige Asperia was the only international team to have won Erste Bank Eishockey Liga twice, in 2013 and 2018, the highest division of the Central European ice hockey championship. Prestigious awards that make it the most successful club in Italy in all respects. Mectronic will provide the medical staff of the team with Theal Therapy, the made in Italy laser therapy that for years has been a cutting-edge device as well as a true curative methodology for champions within everyone's reach.




Trattamento Foxes
“Being able to count on a partner like Mectronic is an aspect of fundamental importance for us. In ice hockey, the quintessential contact sport, injuries are the order of the day and, given the large number of matches, recovery times become crucial - explained Dr. Dieter Knoll, CEO of HCB Alto Adige Asperia - When the hot phase of the season and the playoffs is approaching, the matches become more intense, considerably stressing the athletes' body. On these occasions Mectronic’s tools will be able to make the difference, shortening recovery times and allowing our guys to get back on the ice as soon as possible, fully restored.”
"We are proud to provide our laser technology, a point of arrival after years of research and innovation, to the medical staff of an established company in the field of ice hockey - explained Ennio Aloisini, CEO of Mectronic - Theal Therapy, in addition to taking care of the strongest champions in the world sports scene, it is laser therapy for everyone. In fact, it is successfully used in completely different sector: from the treatment of the pathologies of an athlete such as tendinitis and muscle injuries, to the treatment of the pain of an amputee patient with a lower limb; from the treatment of cutaneous and diabetic ulcers to the conservative treatment of pathologies of the spine, such as hernias and lumbosciatic pains.”



Foxes e THEAL therapy
But that's not all, because in addition to Theal Therapy Mectronic will also provide to the medical staff of HCB Alto Adige Asperia the Doctor Tecar, a therapy that stimulates the body's natural regenerative and self-healing processes, and PulsWave, a shockwave device based on electromagnetic technology, light, compact and high efficiency. Both therapies will allow the athletes of the ice hockey team to quickly recover the optimal conditions for the continuation of their competitive activity and stay in top form.